Watch: Violent Stop-and-Frisk Video Reveals Dark Side of “Anti-Gun” Tactic :         Information Clearing House: ICH.

By Kristen Gwynne

July 27, 2012 “
AlterNet” — For young men of color in New York City’s most policed precincts, getting stop-and-frisked is a part of life. Many white people who have never been stop-and-frisked, or even seen one, consider the 700,000 annual stops of almost only Black and Latino youths a crime-fighting tool. Today, an opportunity to see what stop-and-frisk really looks like:

Did you see a bulge in his pants before the NYPD officer put his hands all over him, body slamming him against the wall? By law, to conduct a frisk — a light pat-down over the clothes — police must observe a bulge they believe to be a weapon. The officer also appears to reach down into his suspect’s pockets, a search that is only…

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