Something Demonic is Going On in Buffalo’s County Jail

by Chris Stevenson

It seems to be the custom of all NYS lockups to classify their deaths as suicides.”

Early last week Edward Berezowski , 54, was reported as found hanging in his cell by his jail-issued pants. According to the Buffalo News he died on Friday, August 17. He was said to have told deputies he was going to his cell to take a nap. Berezowski was just arrested a day or so beforehand for choking an employee at Best Buy. This follows the incident several weeks ago when there was a reported suicide attempt at Buffalo’s Erie County Holding Center by an inmate named David Green, 45. Green was said to have tried to hang himself from a railing with a bedsheet, until a deputy cut the sheet and pulled him down. Acting jail Superintendent Thomas Diina said Glenn was screened several times over and not considered a suicide risk.
.   .   .   .Berezowski’s death brings my count of the number of so-called suicides to 29. This includes Lester J. Foster (12/23/11), TrevellWalker (10/12/11), RakimScriven (9/4/11), Keith John (7/31/10), JeremyKiekbush (3/3/10), Daniel Nye (2/13/10), AdamMurr (12/19/09), John Reardon (4/30/08), Joanne Jesse (3/31/08), Michael Roberts (1/23/07), Carmelo Torres (5/14/05), Juan Aquino (4/20/05), MichaelScioli (9/22/04), Patrick Chadwick (9/11/04), Eden Baez (8/28/03), JohnMarinaccio (4/29/03), Eric Fedrick (9/14/02), Christian Johns (8/20/98), Virgil Weathington (1/11/97), Scott Maurer (10/15/96), Kenneth Hall (6/23/96), Victor Ortiz (11/4/95), Allen Hagedorn (5/24/95), Jason Winiewski (12/2/92), Robert Huhn (1/1/92), Lamar Patterson (8/15/91), Jeffrey Fromen (8/28/90), and James Lee (2/20/89).



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