“No Longer Thy Brother`s Keeper”?

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No Longer Thy Brothers’ Keeper

            Broaching a polemical subject that been for too long evaded and swept under the rug, sort of speak. People if you’re taken in by the American Dream, then you’re even more enamoured by they beautiful statue standing proudly upright with her torch, (Statue of Liberty) on Liberty Island, calling out to all those who are lost downtrodden, banished, War-ridden, lost due to diasporal,even those whose countries have expelled them, to come attain the shores of this new America “Land of the Free and home of the Brave”.

            Every race, creed and culture, this is the place, a great melting pot. Regardless of your religious preference, whether Christian, Catholic, Muslim, even Mormon or any other practice. This meager piece of land compared to other parts of the earth was etched out for who? Many different Countries have sacrificed thousands of lives over this speck of land.

             During the past two centuries immigrants have arranged passage through unconventional means, and taken great pains to flee other countries and the tyranny to take up refuge here and create permanent domiciles. The center point, the builders, of this nation. (The very people who built the, White House) who have never received the slightest bit of recognition, that’s not the issue here, the issue continues to be and always has been race. Race is the elephants in the room and to keep hush, hush about it, everyone proceeds to duck-tape their mouths shut. Occasionally a politician whose entrusted with governing our cities, states, or government, actor, an entertainer paid to act out a script, yet somehow holds immerse influence over our direction of decision making. Over half the black population is infatuated with the athletes, especially black athletes, their words are like gold to the urban communities, so when a slip of the tongue occurs by one of those prominent throne sitters of societies elite, (slip of the tongue) meaning something is expressed in a derogatory, debased, demeaning, and disparaging way, comments meant to dehumanize an individual or a race. After making such vulgar statements their given a first class pass claiming a lapse of ignorance for stating exactly how that person felt toward, that particular individual or group.

            The United States has become a very multicoloured, multi cultural nation, Yet the African race continues to suffer enormous blight. Every other racial groups are flourishing under this system of democracy, protectives of equal rights, for all humans.

            Before we go any further in depth, this writers intent isn’t to spread propaganda but to make those who are oblivious to the double standards, the disadvantaged and the disenfranchised, (recurring all over again) This writer doesn’t represent any form of racism or discrimination, in fact he despises any person, group, organization and Country that practices it. Israel does practice a form of race separation, not racism. The world has been divided by races and the dominant colors being Caucasian and African, (swarthy) these two prevalent colors enrich the globe of every continent, Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, South America.

            The Blacks of America are deeply in peril. Expounding from a perspective living in the experience having a first hand empirical. When there’s been a docile race of African’s under siege ripped away from their native land and brought to a very foreign continent enslaved and controlled. To Understand where and why the black race in the United States is in a destructive implosion is to fully understand where they originated from. The process of inter-gradation has made some miraculous, astonishing, far-reaching achievements in assimilation. Reflecting back on some iconic achievements as well as insurmountable, untold suffering, suffering which remains this very moment,

             The Declaration of Independence was signed, 1776, chatteling still warranted legal force, blacks had no true substance of real freedom. Today Independence day is celebrated July 4th. In 1792 over 100 slave’s built what we know as the White-House “in Washington DC capital of the United States. It’s now occupied by the first elected black president. Barack Hussein Obama, 2012, Slavery importation was outlawed during the year 1808 some 250,000 slaves were illegally imported up until 1863, those are just the one’s documented. After careful inquiry, it was estimated in 1810 that the slave population had accumulated into 1.291,461. Knowing your past, certainly serves as melioration that perseverance affect conquers lifes imposing eminent collapse, there in lies overcoming oppression granted through omniscient guidance. Look into the Dred Scott case pertaining to the freedoms of people of color, what defines their freedoms and actually being free, 1857. The Ku Klux Klan (kkk) a secret society formed in 1866 to destroy the merging freedoms of the freed coloreds, to stop desegregation, stop them from voting, to maim, hang and burn, whatever it took to keep these people oppressed in fear, uneducated and obedient. Has anyone ever considered why the (kkk) always wore hoods, hiding their true identities, secretly moving about amongst their neighbors, friends without exposing a proficient and clandestine agenda, this isn’t some adage, this is a monstrosity of a movement. No One, not the government, not the F.B.I, secret service, nor C.I.A, none of these entities infiltrators has ever disclosed their ultimate intent.

            Where are they, what powerful and prominent position’s do they function in today’s motley society. Intricate implicitness can only be detected by those whose teachings and training have prepared them for. Here’s a modern day, e.g. This is a true account of events as they unfolded.

An altercation ensued and the Dearborn police department was called upon arriving on the scene there were approximately nine white officers, one of those officers was a K-9 handler, he had a police dog on a leash. These officers encircled the individual and the K-9 officer spoke out and said this is an exact quote “we’re tired of Mayor Coleman young, sending you niggas over here to do crime,” end quote. That statement came out of a police officers mouth with eight of his colleagues viewing the entire spectacle, listening attentively. Mayor Coleman Young is deceased now, but he served as Mayor of the city of Detroit for some 20 something years. So again what positions of power do they maintain now, they didn’t just disappear, they are well disguised and it’ll take some clever manoeuvres and prodding to agitate one into exposing his pure bigotry, they’re driven by proclivity.

            One of the most galvanizing individuals of my time of most blacks of my generation was Martin Luther King Jr. He created a legacy of Love, hope, inspiration, spiritual unity, solidarity., He believed in a unified nation, not of color and creed, but of the content of character, he was the adhesive to a people whose reinventing themselves a race of people, a people whose native traits were stripped away, left with nothing, no language, no family, mothers, and fathers, sons and daughters separated sold off to other proprietors. Chattel bodies were of great demand the market was very lucrative and they were deemed as personal property. Somehow Dr King fought and fought, marched had sit ins, protest after protest and we walked, we loved our brother, mother, sister. We held concern for our neighbors and their children, we were a people, Our conscience as a race was distinctive, our purpose unparalleled to any other, we weren’t some shameful people with selfish motives, we had a need to see or help our fellow man, whether white or black through times of difficulty. There was an adherent role of responsibility to each other. We were able to say with certainty, “We are our brothers Keepers”

            Martin Luther King Jr, was assassinated 1968 and on the day of his death, so did we all die inside, our messenger of love and peace had been taken away from us all, an entire race of people hinged on his premise, his direction was that of a Godly and righteous man; He was that beacon a top the highest mountain shining out for all to recognize, he had been a holy vessel of divine order. The people were his first priority. Unlike his offspring bickering over who should lead the, southern Christian leadership conference.

            (SCLC) There’s one thing can be said, blacks as a race know a true messenger of our heavenly father; you can’t fake it. Blacks, if we can refer to ourselves as blacks have paved out a new destructive path, a path slogging toward regression, its like our internal bond has been severed and now when we look to each other, its with distaste, distrust, discord, resentment, anger, and our actions regarding the black race as a whole extremely malignant.

            That old bible verse which says “a house divided cannot stand “ its true in more ways than one. There’s an every man for himself attitude, race or brotherhood seems to have eroded. Principles, morals, values are questionable of the black conscience. The concern we once relished in, is now channelled toward destroying any moving human being. We’ve turned against each other, and ferociously tearing at the carcase like a rabid sick animal. e.g. Recently a small group of black teenagers attacked and beat a well known pastor in the city of Detroit, took his watch trying to car-jack him, he’s a man of God, on lookers feared getting involved.

As if blacks weren’t having to deal with other complex issues of living in the United States, 14% unemployment, more blacks ages 14 to 33 years are being incarcerated, more blacks are dropping out of school joining dangerous gangs, robbing, purloining, raping, even killing little children. The question now becomes how did it begin to deteriorate so fast. The Civil rights movements of the 1960′s in Detroit all around nation, isn’t that far back. Is what we’re experiencing some form of racial pathology? Forcing people to adhere to a cultural adapt-ion of American society can create racial implosion,, its a sort of backlash towards one another.

Blacks are committing more heinous crimes towards each other, its harrowing, Critics are up in droves critiquing the plight of urban dwellers, complaining about the chaos ripping at the fabric of people forced to cope with the squalid conditions of neighborhoods despoiled by poverty and repeatedly devoured by greedy city bureaucrats, the same ones you see on your local news speaking scathingly about who is responsible for the upheaval within the black communities around the U.S. Placing the blame on someone seems to impede any kind of progress and only causes more vitriol attacks, rather than compromising and trying to work together on a temporary resolution. Temporary because expecting a solution for the ailing black communities, just isn’t plausible in this era of time. Sad as it is to say blacks themselves will frustrate any real chance of real, unity to cure this infection.

Written by The Anonymous Prison writer September 2012



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