Christopher Petrella is a columnist for Nation of Change. On (which is a much better site than its name would lead you to believe), he offers a trenchant and insightful article about ways this country can reduce its burgeoning prison population.

He didn’t miss a beat with this article. These are the things we’ve been saying on this site, since day 1. I’ll give you his run-down list here, but I strongly advise you click on the link below, and read the original article.

  1. Replace mandatory sentencinglaws with more flexible and individualized guidelines.
  2. Strategically reduce “three-strikes” laws for non-violent offenders.
  3. Relax Truth-in-Sentencing Laws.
  4. Organize against prison gerrymandering to ensure that low-income communities receive a fairproportion of federal aid.
  5. Make full employment a domestic policy goal.
  6. Eliminate the use of for-profit, private prison companies.
  7. Establish prison education programs and incentivize inmate participation.
  8. Provide incentives for…

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