Werner Herzog`s Film “Tod in Texas” im ZDF- “Into The Abyss”

Filmmaker Werner Herzog at the US premiere of ...

Filmmaker Werner Herzog at the US premiere of his films The White Diamond and The Wild Blue Yonder in Seattle, Washington. Català: Werner Herzog amb una admiradora (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Herzog doesn´t judge, he only made his film


Tod in Texas –

  1. “Tod in Texas” (Titel im englischen Original “Into The Abyss“) ist wahrlich ein Blick in den Abgrund. Der legendäre Filmregisseur Werner Herzog (“Fitzcarraldo” und …​ec7f5086-a119-3282-b350-36a…

    I hope You can open the link there – or perhaps You can search for
    this film in USA … it is so brilliant and honest!

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