Montana Corruption

Photo: Rick Nease, MCT/Detroit Free Press

According to the Prisonmovements Weblog , an article by RICH STANEK,

Montana is not the only state that has a huge problem with the mentally ill.

The largest mental-health facilities in the United States are not hospitals — they are jails: in L.A. County, in Chicago’s Cook County, and on New York’s Rikers Island. Locally on any given day, the Hennepin County Medical Center Psychiatric Inpatient facility holds fewer mentally ill individuals than we hold in the Hennepin County jail, and quite frankly, many of these folks do not belong in our jail.

Over 35,000 inmates each year are booked into the Hennepin County jail. The Sheriff’s Office manages and operates the jail, and is responsible for the safe and secure custody of approximately 750 inmates each day as they await the resolution of their criminal charges by the court. We…

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