Tamms Supermax: Report Reveals More Guards Than Prisoners, Soaring Costs


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Hi all,
The attempt to override the governor’s veto failed. This means that the TAMMS Supermax torture center, Pontiac Correctional Center (Women’s minimum security), IYC (Illinois Youth Center) Murphysboro youth prison, and IYC Joliet youth prison will be closed, saving the State of Illinois at least $52.5mil!!!!  (By my estimate, closer $72mil).
How did that happen? Laurie Jo Reynolds of TAMMS Year 10 reports that the speculation is that it was not called to the House floor because it didn’t have the votes. We are stunned and jubilant! By our count, it would have easily passed the House.  Thank you Laurie Jo!
As you know, the governor has said he intends to use some of that money to reinstate part of the IDCFS budget.  The legal mechanism for that is unclear.  Even our state representatives do not have consistent answers to how that can be done.  Some believe the governor can do it by executive fiat, while others insist the legislature has to vote on it.  What’s more, there are some $250mil in other supplemental requests that the legislature has been co nsidering; we do not know how those were resolved. 

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