The plight of Yemen‘s ‘untouchables’

Black Yemenis continue to live as outcasts post revolution.

They’re outcasts in Yemen, living in isolated communities. During the day they are street sweepers; at night they return to their homes in garbage-filled slums. Many of them joined the protests at Change Square, hoping the uprising would bring them a better life. But so far, nothing has changed. We examine the plight of dark-skinned Yemenis who are called “al-akhdam” or “servants”. Join us at 19:30 GMT.

In this episode of The Stream, we speak to:

Tom Finn @tomfinn2
Journalist, former Yemen Times editor

Nawal Al-Maghafi @Nawalf
Documentary film-maker

Atiaf Alwazir @WomanfromYemen
Blogger, co-founder of Support Yemen

Sarah Jamal Ahmed @Sarah_Sanaa
Sociologist, co-founder of Support Yemen

What do you think? What will it take for Yemen’s dark-skinned population to have equal rights? Leave a comment below or record a 30-second video comment for the show.


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