Since 1973, 141 People has Released from DR with Evidence of Innocence please, read there the whole article! Thank You!

The most recent exonerees are Seth Penalver (No. 142) of Florida and Damon Thibodeaux (No. 141) of Louisiana, both in 2012.

 List of Exonerees Since 1973 (including criteria for inclusion on List) (No. 142 not yet added)

Innocence Database Searchable database of all exonerations since 1973–allows you to search and sort for cases by year, state, race, and other variables. (No. 142 not yet added)

Descriptions of Each Exoneration By Year of Inmate’s Release:

Exoneration Statistics

News and Developments – Current Year

News and Developments – Previous Years–2011  2010  2009  2008  2007  2006  2005  2004  2003  2002

Further Innocence Information:

DPIC Resources:

Read DPIC’s 2004  Innocence Report

Innocence and the Death Penalty, 1997

Innocence and the Death Penalty, 1993

To contact individuals who have been exonerated from death row, visit

Witness to Innocence

For Information about Innocence Projects across the country, visit

The Innocence Project
The Innocence Project Northwest 



As of December 26, 2012 there have been 142 exonerations in 26 different States.

State No   State No   State No   State No   State No
Florida 24   Arizona 8   Georgia 5   Mississippi 3   Kentucky 1
Illinois 20   North Carolina 7   New Mexico 4   Tennessee 3   Maryland 1
Texas 12   Pennsylvania 6   California 3   Indiana 2   Nebraska 1
Oklahoma 10   Ohio 6   Massachusetts 3   South Carolina 2   Nevada 1
Louisiana 9   Alabama 5   Missouri 3   Idaho 1   Virginia 1
                        Washington 1

EXONERATIONS BY YEAR From 1973-1999, there was an average of 3.03 exonerations per year. From 2000-2011, there has been an average of 5 exonerations per year.



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