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Shocking New Gang Trends Part III-ThugExposed.Org
Links of relevance for your interest.

El Salvador’s Historic Gang Truce May Show Pathway to Peace in the U.S.

Mara Salvatrucha gang members participated in a mass at the Ciudad Barrios prison to celebrate 100 days after a truce was declared between El Salvador gangs and the government. CABEZAS/AFP/GettyImages

by Mónica Novoa Monday, June 25 2012, Tags: El Salvador, Gangs

David Southwell, Global Gangland, The History of Organized Crime – 2006
Oregon’s process for picking judges under scrutiny
By Alli Gerkman on November 30, 2011 Posted in Quality Judges
Of the 100 justices who have served on the supreme court since statehood, only 36 have been elected to their seats. The rest were appointed by the governor to fill mid-term vacancies. But with two open-seat races in 2012, the court will have a majority of elected justices for the first time since 1913.
Sightseeing Oregon’s Security Construct
This is the kind of thing that goes on all over the country.  An inmate “bumps the chest of a male correctional officer”, the warden determines the punishment  and the person reviewing the case of an inmate’s treatment writes his/her report to coincide with the warden’s.  This kind of thing extends an inmate’s sentence by as much as a year for an infraction that calls for no more than a 90 loss of good time.
Robert Sloan
Prison Industry Investigative Consultant and Author
Proud Member of DK’s “Exposing ALEC” Group
Indianapolis, Indiana
KEVIN O’NEILL, Posted April 10, 2009

Gangland Production, LLC, produces a documentary series for the History Channel called “Gangland”. During the development of an upcoming episode focusing on the Outlaws Motorcycle Club, Gangland requested an interview with me. By facsimile dated January 28, 2008, the show’s Story Development Coordinator requested an on-camera interview and pitched among other things: “We would appreciate [Mr. O’Neill] sharing his thoughts on being in the Outlaws, and any perspective he might have gained in prison.” (See 01/28/08 fax, Attachment A). As you’ll see, this assertion was more rhetorical than real, especially when presented with documentation showing how the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) agent utilized in its presentation is effectively a co-conspirator in the killing of LaMonte Mathias on June 28, 1994 in Rockford, Illinois. (See ATF Reports authored by Special Agent Christopher Bayless, released to the public on July 20, 2005, Attachments B thru E).

By letter dated February 4, 2008, I responded to Gangland via certified mail and offered the following:

Gangland Production, LLC
Story Development Coordinator
118 N. Clinton
Chicago, Illinois 60661


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