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For 18 very long years, a prisoner on Florida’s death row has dreamed of hearing the magic words,

“Not Guilty”

A Broward County jury ended its 10th day of deliberations Friday by delivering 3 acquittals, ending a five-month trial and returning Sean Penalver’s freedom after he spent almost half his life in custody…

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We just don’t seem to ever really learn from our mistakes, do we? Sean Penalver is the 142nd person to be exonerated and freed from death row since 1973…how many others have not been so fortunate and have been murdered in cold blood by The State? Chances are, we will never know for sure.

Todd Willingham was likely innocent and executed by Texas Clown, er, I mean guv’ner, Rick-The-Super-Christian-Perry.

Cameron Todd Willingham

Frank Lee Smith died while on death row in Florida…only to be found innocent…15 years of his life taken from him.

I have no doubt there are…

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