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Grassroots Activists Challenge the State Rabbinate’s Kosher Certification Monopoly

Targum Shlishi Supports Alternative Kosher Supervision System

(Miami, January 6, 2013) – Several restaurants in Jerusalem are challenging the state rabbinate’s monopoly on kosher certification by claiming kosher credentials without certification by the rabbinate. Five of these restaurants have also banded together and are taking the city’s chief rabbinate to court after being fined for calling themselves kosher without certification. These restaurants are working with the support of the Yerushalmim political party and associated social action groups advocating for a more pluralistic city. Targum Shlishi is helping to support this grassroots effort to establish an alternative and more just method of kosher certification in Jerusalem.


These actions were prompted by restaurant owners’ claims of corrupt practices and objectionable management techniques by the rabbinate, such as requiring them to purchase goods only from certain suppliers…

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