Innocence Project ask for DNA-Testing for Larry Swearingen (DR)


January 24, 2013 302 EXONERATED

Larry SwearingenLast week, we filed a motion requesting DNA testing for Larry Swearingen, who is on death row in Texas. The execution is scheduled for February 27. Larry was convicted of the 1998 murder of college student Melissa Trotter, but several forensic experts have raised serious questions about the timeline of events and have testified that Melissa was killed after Larry was arrested and in jail for unrelated traffic warrants. Larry has always maintained his innocence and has been requesting DNA testing of crime scene evidence to support his claims for years.

Sign our letter to Montgomery County District Attorney Brett Ligon asking him to consent to DNA testing for Larry Swearingen!

Larry’s appeals for DNA testing have been turned down three times previously.  The Texas Legislature has since amended state law — specifically in response to Larry’s case — in order to make it easier for those seeking to prove their innocence to have access to post-conviction DNA testing.

Now that the legislature has made it clear that DNA testing should be allowed when it can prove innocence, we are hopeful that the Montgomery County District Attorney’s office will consent to testing for Larry before it is too late. Please join me in calling on District Attorney Brett Ligon to allow DNA testing of crime scene evidence for Larry Swearingen.

In justice,

Barry Scheck

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