A Lot to Do!

Graphique représentant les exécutions en 2006 ...
Graphique représentant les exécutions en 2006 – version française (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Maryland Death Penalty Repeal Update February 21, 2013

Hello Abolitionists,

Repeal Is Within Our Grasp ….

A key Senate committee is expected to vote on the death penalty repeal bill this evening. Following that vote, the measure could be on the floor of the Senate for debate and a vote as early as Saturday!

In breaking news last night, one of the members of the Senate committee announced his support for repeal!

The Washington Post reports “Sen. Robert A. Zirkin (D-Baltimore County) said Wednesday night that he plans to vote in favor of repealing Maryland’s death penalty, which means the measure now has the support of a majority of members on a key committee.”

Call your Maryland State Senator Today!
Ask your state Senator to vote for the death penalty repeal bill WITHOUT AMENDMENTS. You can find out who your state Senator is by going to www.mdelect.net and typing your address into the bar at the top of the screen. Hit enter and your state representative information will appear near the bottom of the left-hand column. Links are provided there to access your representatives’ contact information.

STAY TUNED for information about floor hearings and debates. Following a vote in the Senate committee, the bill will move to the Senate floor for debate. We need to pack the Gallery in a show of support, so if you’re schedule is flexible, be ready to come to Annapolis! We will send out a special announcement just as soon as we know when the floor debates will begin. The first day of floor debate is the most important date to pack the Gallery!

Other ways to support the repeal campaign:

Any of our core messages are fair game to tweet about (cost, innocence, etc.), and remember that our key messages at this point in the campaign are around the appropriation for crime victims and about countering bad info about there about prison killings and plea bargaining. Here are some sample tweets to use any time you want to start talking about repeal on Twitter:

· #MD looks set to repeal the #deathpenalty this year! Join the campaign #MDRepeal #mdga13 http://tinyurl.com/aqesndp

· “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that” MLK. Choose the light, MD. #MDRepeal #mdga13

· “The [2009] law has not achieved its main goal of eliminating the risk of executing an

· innocent person” http://tinyurl.com/bz2pcv8#mdga13

· ‘Marylanders would be better served by repealing it & reinvesting the savings in…healing victims’ http://tinyurl.com/bz2pcv8#MDRepeal

· #didyouknow in 1990 death penalty states averaged a 4% higher murder rate than non-death penalty states? #MDRepeal #mdga13

· The campaign is really heating up for #MDrepeal #mdag13. For more campaign info http://www.mdcase.org/ is a great place to start!

· “Gov. O’Malley has taken a courageous stand…toward repeal of the death penalty in Maryland” #joinhim #MDrepeal #mdga13

If you have any questions, comments or feedback, feel free to contact our SDPACs, Andrea Hall (andreainrockville@yahoo.com) or Kevin Scruggs (kevin.a.scruggs@gmail.com).

Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for more updates!

Thanks again for your interest in abolishing the death penalty!

In Solidarity,

Andrea, Kevin, and the Amnesty International USA Death Penalty Abolition Campaig


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