PAUL HOWELL: Rick Scott put a Hold on the Execution! Now here is a PETITION!

2013/3/12 Peacebuilders with Justice of Florida <>

Brothers and Sisters,

Rick Scott put a hold (temporary) on the execution of Paul Howell. Even the governor is having second thoughts!

Those of us on this path see the injustice of the legal system that sends so many to Death Row and later realizes it failed to prove its case. The failure is seen in the number of exonerations. Florida as more failures than any other state. People’s lives are taken whether by years in prison or the killing chamber.

We want to educate people because when people know the truth about the system, they will see the need to halt the death penalty until it has been studied. Many are working for this cause: here are some good people you might know who have worked to halt Florida’s executions. Joe Durocher was Public Defender for Orange County for 25 years. Rita Lucey, Miguel Rodriguez, Adele Azar-Rucqois and many others, more than 1000 others in fact have signed the petition.

But the man who knows the most is Mark Eliot who has devoted years of his life putting together the facts. To see details about the system, go to Floridians for Alternatives to the Death Penalty. There you will see statistics on race, the impact on families of the victims and on the families of the person accused of the crime. You can compare costs between life in prison and execution. You’ll find this and many other details at

Then read our petition and stand with us. Send the petition to all your friends and colleagues, co-workers and neighbors. Encourage them not just to sign but to pass it on.

Here’s the link:

Blessings on us all–
Penny Villegas and friends


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