SHAME: Florida’s Lawmakers Risk Speeding Up Wrongful Executions, Not Justice

Black America Web

Count on Florida to concoct laws that have nothing to do with justice, but much to do with political expediency.

It’s been that way for a while.

In 2010, under the pretense of preventing voter fraud, the GOP-led Legislature and Gov. Rick Scott limited early voting hours and imposed other inconveniences that led to block-long lines at the polls in 2012, and made Florida the laughingstock of the nation as it was in 2000.

But now it seems that while many of those same lawmakers didn’t mind people waiting too long to vote, some can’t stand the thought of death row inmates waiting too long to die.

No matter that, especially in Florida, some of those inmates may be innocent.

But that apparently doesn’t matter to those who overwhelmingly passed the Timely Justice Act bill – which is now awaiting Scott’s signature. Under the bill, inmates who believe they…

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