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“My own body has now become a tool of torture against me.” – Herman Wallace, ‘Angola 3’ prisoner, who is dying from liver cancer

Show humanity for Herman

Gov. Jindal can end the nightmare for 71-year-old Herman Wallace and ensure that a dying man won’t spend his final days alone in a prison cell.

Herman only has weeks to live – please add your signature to this growing petition right now.
Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal needs to hear from you today – before Herman dies.

Please sign this petition urging Gov. Jindal to release ‘Angola 3′ prisoner Herman Wallace on humanitarian grounds.

Herman has suffered nearly 41 years of solitary confinement after a highly questionable conviction and no physical evidence linking him to the murder he’s accused of committing.

Herman’s conviction continues to be challenged before the courts today. But his time is running out. The 71-year old man has terminal liver cancer. His doctors say he may only have weeks to live, if that.

Herman has lost 34 pounds in the past two months. He’s finally receiving treatment, but the cancer has accelerated.
And I recently learned that prison authorities withheld Herman’s chemotherapy treatment for 6 weeks, leaving him to suffer in a lonely cell. “My own body has now become a tool of torture against me,” says Herman.

Tell Gov. Jindal to grant Herman Wallace a compassionate release.

Louisiana authorities have suggested that Herman’s activism played a major role in his prolonged solitary confinement. If that is true, Herman has paid a wrenching, torturous price for speaking out against injustice.

No one can give Herman the years he lost in solitary back but your one simple action today – signing this petition – can help Herman find freedom in his final moments.

There’s not much time. Please raise your voice now.

In solidarity,

Jasmine Heiss
Campaigner, Individuals and Communities at Risk Program
Amnesty International USA


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