New Death Warrant – FADP Update

FADP Update


Governor Scott has signed a Death Warrant for Thomas Knight to be executed on Tuesday, December 3 at 6pm ET. Darius Kimbrough is scheduled to be executed on Nov. 12.

Florida has become “the worst of the worst” of Death Penalty states. Florida is now second only to Texas for the number of executions in 2013. Last year Florida led the nation in new death sentences (22).


Florida has the nation’s second largest Death Row with 405 men and women awaiting the executioner. In tragic irony, Florida leads the nation in exonerations of Death Row inmates (24).


Please TAKE ACTION!!!  Contact Governor Rick Scott and ask him to convene the Board of Executive Clemency and commute the death sentences of Darius Kimbrough and Thomas Knight to Life in Prison Without Parole.


Tell Governor Scott to STOP SIGNING DEATH WARRANTS. Your calls and emails are counted.


Gov. Rick Scott – Phone: 850-488-7146 




“Only in a society where state governments are intoxicated with the power to kill would you view a sentence of life imprisonment without parole as a lenient sentence.”Bryan Stevenson, Director of Equal Justice Initiative of Alabama 


Please support the Florida statewide coalition effort to end executions. “It is not about what those on Death Row may have done…it is about US and what WE do”.


Please “like” and share the FADP Facebook page.

Shine the light,



Sent by:

Mark Elliott

Executive Director

Floridians for Alternatives to the Death Penalty,

P.O. Box 82943

Tampa, FL 33682


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