“How America Is Killing the Poor”

How America Is Killing the Poor

Lack of access to education, medical care, good wages and healthy food isn’t just leaving the worst-off Americans behind. It’s killing them.

November 4, 2013  |
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During a discussion at the University of Michigan in 2010, the billionaire vice-chairman of  Warren Buffett‘s Berkshire Hathaway firm, Charles Munger, was asked whether the government should have bailed out homeowners rather than banks.  “You’ve got it exactly wrong,” he said.“There’s danger in just shovelling out money to people who say, ‘My life is a little harder than it used to be.’ At a certain place you’ve got to say to the people, ‘Suck it in and cope, buddy. Suck it in and cope.'”

Please, read whole article here:  http://www.alternet.org/how-america-killing-poor?


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