EU calls for abolishing death penalty

EU calls for abolishing death penalty.

Published: Thursday, October 10, 2013

EU calls for abolishing death penalty

The European Union (EU) has renewed its call for abolishing the death penalty in all member states of the United Nations (UN) including Bangladesh, and contributing to the development of human dignity in the world.
“The death penalty concerns everyone’s right to life. The state, with its particular responsibility as the ultimate guarantor of all persons’ human rights, should not deprive anyone of his or her life,” said a letter signed by nine heads of mission of the EU countries in Dhaka.
“The European Union reaffirms its absolute opposition to the use of the death penalty,” it said, marking the observance of the European Day against the Death Penalty, and the World Day against the Death Penalty today [Thursday].
The envoys said the EU is convinced that its abolition is an integral part of respect for human rights and protection of the human dignity.
They referred to a 2010 UN resolution, which called upon all states to establish a moratorium on executions aiming at abolishing the death penalty.
“We hope that all members of the UN including Bangladesh will take the actions which the Resolution calls for, and thereby contribute to the development of fundamental rights and human dignity in the world,” the letter said.
The letter was signed by Mrs Anneli Lindahl Kenny, ambassador of Sweden; Giorgio Guglielmino, ambassador of Italy; Luis Tejada Chacón, ambassador of Spain; Robert Gibson, British high commissioner; Michel Trinquier, ambassador of France; Gerben Sjoerd de Jong, ambassador of The Netherlands; Dr Albrecht Conze, ambassador of Germany; Mrs Hanne Fugl Eskjær, ambassador of Denmark; and William Hanna, ambassador of the European Union.


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