“Unreasonable Force” …

11.07.13 – 12:24 AM

“Unreasonable Force” In Chicago Evidently Does Not Mean A Probably Drunk Cop Killing An Unarmed Guy Lying On the Ground By Shooting Him 16 Times

by Abby Zimet

Chicago prosecutors have announced that police officer Gildardo Sierra will not face any criminal charges in the June 2011 killing of Flint Farmer – even though video footage showed Farmer, armed only with a cell phone, lying bleeding on the ground as Sierra fired 16 times, hitting Farmer seven times including three bullets in the back; this was Sierra’s third shooting (second fatal one) in six months; he later admitted to drinking “multiple” beers before going to work; police waited over five hours to give him a breath test; the city paid a $4.1 million settlement in a lawsuit brought by Farmer’s family; and the city’s police Superintendent said the shooting was a “big problem,” as was Sierra’s remaining on the job. Still, a review found Sierra acted in self-defense, and that while “Officer Sierra was mistaken in his belief that Flint Farmer had a gun, not every mistake demands the action of the criminal justice system, even when the results are tragic.” The city has already paid out about $50 million to settle lawsuits stemming from similarly outrageous cases, and many are stil rallying, protesting and fighting to break the silence on decades of police racism, brutality and torture there. Oh, Chicago. Oh, America.


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