Woman´s face shattered after DUI arrest

Woman’s face shattered after DUI arrest

By Richard Dool
updated 7:16 PM EST, Mon November 04, 2013
Officer Hart is charged with aggravated battery
  • Feuerstein needed reconstructive surgery, metal plate

Woman’s face shattered after DUI arrest

A veteran police officer outside of Chicago has been arrested and charged after surveillance video allegedly shows him shoving a woman in a holding cell.  Cassandra Feuerstein was arrested for drunk driving. Police say Feuerstein resisted the booking process.

Surveillance video shows what appears to be Officer Michael Hart shoving Feuerstein into a holding cell. Feuerstein goes headfirst into a cement bench.  Her injuries were severe. She says her eye socket was broken, she cut her cheek and her teeth were loosened.

Now, seven months after the incident Officer Hart is being charged with aggravated battery.  HLN reached out to his attorney, Jed Stone, who said that he believes when the dust settles, we will see [Officer Hart] didn’t commit a crime. He believes she lost her balance and fell forward because she was intoxicated. And she fell into a concrete buttress. [Officer Hart] was trying to get her to cooperate by putting her in a holding cell.

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