YOU CAN’T MAKE IT UP: subhuman prison treatment to cover up collusion between #SouthWalesPolice, courts and medics

Flying Vet challenges South Wales Police

Maurice’s sister wrote to HMP Bristol how appalled she was at the treatment of her brother. What difference does it make? Her letter is on the latest post on his site.

If an MEP were to write, would that make a difference?

If a petition were launched to the EU Parliament, which Human Rights violations should it address:

  • access to justice?
  • fair trial?
  • torture?

Cover-up of a false medical report commissioned by South Wales Police isn’t foreseen!

A faked ‘restraining order’ neither.

They just hope that an old man with serious medical conditions will go away by dying. Who cares

  • whether he receives mail about court appearances?
  • he can have a bath or shower for such occasions?
  • whether he is taken to court hearings?
  • whether GeoAmy (the company responsible for transporting prisoners) staff beat him up?
  • why he should be able to phone lawyers and other family and friends?

Only his…

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