Airstrikes in Syria are wrong

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Pertinent Problems

Imagine you’re a teenage Syrian. You’ve been displaced from where you used to live, separated from your friends, and uncertain about what the future holds. Life in a refugee camp can barely be called a life. News arrives that the bodies of your parents have been found; they were “collateral damage” in what was an airstrike conducted by the west.

How would you feel?

Are you going to shrug it off, considerate of the fact that the west are nobly trying to exterminate terrorists, or will you harbour resentment, angry at how little they value the cost of human life having used bombs, fully aware of how indiscriminate they are in killing people?

Currently, the UK government is debating whether or not to launch strikes in Syria. The incumbent Conservative majority has proposed the motion, and some members of the Labour party also seem partial to the idea despite their leader…

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