BLOODY IVORY Seventeen Poachers Armed with Kalashnikov Rifles Entered Dzanga-Ndoki National Park with ONE motivation: GREED

By Denise Chow, LiveScience Staff Writer:  From that mentioned article in the GUARDIAN:
At least 26 elephants were killed in Central Africa after a group of armed poachers raided a protected sanctuary on Monday (May 6), according to wildlife officials.

Seventeen poachers armed with Kalashnikov riflesentered Dzanga-Ndoki National Park in the Central African Republic earlier this week, representatives from the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) said in a statement. The poachers made their way to the Dzanga Bai, an open area where anywhere from 50 to 200 elephants gather daily to drink nutrients and mineral salts in the sands.


At least 26 elephant carcasses, including four calves, were counted in and around the Dzanga Bai on Thursday (May 9), WWF officials said. All had had their tusks removed, Jules Caron, head of communications for the WWF’s anti-poaching program in Central Africa, confirmed to LiveScience.

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