Elections and the US Power Elite: Which Cards are Under the Table?


The US „Election Theatre“ is in full swing. The US system allows little to no space for democratic developments and the introduction of new concepts and ideas. It is almost impossible to break away from the „Two Party System“. Jill_Stein from the Green Party has not been invited to the debate of the candidates.

But additional to the formal aspects seen on the surface there are things going on „underground“. The way Bernie_Sanders has been kicked out of the Democratic Party´s election procedure is throwing light on the „power machine“. In fact his „endorsement“ of Clinton was a sad surrender and a real disappointment. But why could such things happen in the supposed „Motherland of Democracy“? Well, much of that myth is fake. Likewise the talk about the US President as „the most powerfull man (respectively woman) on Earth“, he might be just the most glamorous. In fact a US…

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