US Election: Now a Warrant on the Email Affair, is the Struggle within the US Power Elite still going on?



It seemed as if Clinton was so much choosen by the US Power Elite to become their willing executer of highly risky war games that the Email affair was brushed off. But now the FBI becomes active again, a late „October_Surprise“? Many people only see the surface, the competition of the main canidates and their followers. They miss the deep structure, the „Deep_State“, but also the traditional splits within those somehow hundred people who make up the real US Power Elite. On this blog I´ve written a lot about the internal struggles about Strategy and tactics to control the world. Long ago these factions were called „Warriors“ (liking direct military action) and „Traders“ (prefering economic power and letting „others do“).

Nowadays there are the Neocons and the Soft_Power faction. For some time they were at-war-among-themselves during recent years, especially about the question of whether to go…

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