Local hero Ken Loach.
National treasure Ken Loach just delivered this epic smackdown in a BBC interview (VIDEO)

TV and film director Ken Loach has a long and dignified record of sticking it to the man, criticising social injustice ever since he started out in the 1960s. Now, he’s stuck it to the BBC, whose Today Programme told him that government welfare cuts had “huge public support”.

On 22 May, Loach won the Palme d’Or – the top prize at the much-respected Cannes Film Festival – for his film I, Daniel Blake. This film tells the story of a middle-aged widower who’s no longer able to do his job after having a heart attack, but who finds his benefits stopped regardless. In essence, it’s a scathing critique of the callous changes made to Britain’s benefits system under the Conservative government in recent years. No wonder Ed Vaizey, Minister of State for Culture, Communications and Creative Industries, could only muster up the following lukewarm and unenthusiastic comment on Twitter, mentioning neither the film…

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