genocideinsyria ALEPPO FALLS INTO ABYSS genocideinsyria EXODUS genocideinsyria

Aleppo Falls Into The Abyss


Tonight Reports say the Bombs and guns have fallen silent over Eastern Aleppo after a deal has been reached to evacuate rebels and up to 80,000 civilians trapped in a tiny enclave of no more than two square kilometres reports have emerged of summery executions of medical staff and activists children have also been killed women sexually abused hundreds of dead still under the rubble corpses litter the streets



4 thoughts on “genocideinsyria ALEPPO FALLS INTO ABYSS genocideinsyria EXODUS genocideinsyria

  1. This is so horridly sad. Have you ever heard the term ‘Order out of Chaos?’ Its an elite Freemason NWO term, planned long ago. I am ashamed the US is a third in a 3 tier order of such might. Those of us in the states actively against all of this know the US is and has created all of this traumatic drama, false flag after false flag, including 911 and its own enemies as they’re doing to its staunchest activist aka folks like me. They are torturing, maiming, silencing with threats and intimidation by night, even murdering its most innocent citizens, even killing countless innocent women and children abroad with Drones. I am here to tell you they’re attacking and killing slow to soft kills with drones in the US… all over our skies with UAV hovercraft (drones) and satellites and drones, and cell towers and cell phones, even smart meters and our INTERNET an phone. To understand what happened–what went wrong in the states, something most Americans have no idea of as if they did it would be another war within… see Nazi’s in the White House at

    Let’s pray for peace. The Neocons are in power deviously, and want perpetual war after they did 911, and infiltrated by night, silencing dissent, like me. None of us get out of this one alive. But I will leave this world knowing that I tried to be a watchwoman on a very outspoken wall in my once free and beautiful country.

    Order out of Chaos —

    Video Order out of Chaos —

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    1. Thank you, that is what we are: watchwomensoldiers. I´ll read & watch all you sent. Satan´s churches in US, and where else, openly “demon”-strated “NON SERVIAM” – Jesus said: “….as it was in Noah´s time …”it is so shocking, Noah`s time has been so full of cruel inhumanity, that the Lord decided to let the water come … Annamaria

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    2. Excuse me for answering so late; I didn´t watch comments here for such a Long time.
      Recently I watched a Video, which explains the streams of wars coming over Syria to Turkey
      from a Biblical view-sight. A Christian man explained the colours of the 4 horses with the
      colour of those flags from Syria etc.
      One Thing, I know, that we have to pray, earnestly, Prophet Daniel is to read – perhaps you find time
      to read it – but more and more Videos are to see with endtime-prophecy – I cannot believe all of them,
      but I read my bible and pray… Thy: Annamaria


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