These are the 72 MPs that voted against making homes fit for human habitation
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Twelve people have been confirmed dead and seventy-five people treated in six hospitals following the fire in the Grenfell tower block in North Kensington Wednesday.
As indy100 covered yesterday, people have been sharing articles reporting on a 2016 vote on an ammendent of the Housing and Planning Act in the House of Commons.
Conservative MPs voted down a Labour amendment which sought to ensure all private landlords made certain their homes were “fit for human habitation”.
As the earlier article has explained, the law that was voted down pertained to private landlords and therefore would have had no effect on the Grenfell tower on the Lancaster West estate in North Kensington.
In addition, the Metropolitan Police have said it is too early to speculate on the cause of the fire

Despite the fact the two are not linked, people sharing last year’s news does mean that the contentious issue of the rejected amendment has been thrust into the public dialogue once again.
According to Parliament’s register of interests at the time, 72 of the MPs who voted down the amendment on homes being “fit for human habitation”  were themselves landlords who derived an income from a property.


The 72 MPs who were registered as deriving income from property of over £10,000 a year  and who voted against the law, were as follows:


Nigel Adams
Stuart Andrew
Victoria Atkins
Jake Berry
James Berry
Bob Blackman
Robert Buckland
Alun Cairns
David Cameron
Alex Chalk
James Cleverley
Geoffrey Clifton-Brown
Therese Coffey
Geoffrey Cox
Mims Davies
Philip Davies
Richard Drax
James Duddridge
Alan Duncan
Philip Dunne
Jane Ellison
George Eustice
Mike Freer
Richard Fuller
John Glen
Robert Goodwill
Chris Grayling
Dominic Grieve
Chris Heaton-Harris
Peter Heaton-Jones
George Hollingberry
Kevin Hollinrake
Philip Hollobone
Nick Hurd
Stewart Jackson
Margot James
Sajid Javid
Joseph Johnson
Simon Kirby (teller)
Greg Knight
Brandon Lewis
Julian Lewis
Craig Mackinlay
Tania Mathias
Karl McCartney
Anne Marie Morris
Sheryll Murray
Robert Neill
Sarah Newton (teller)
Jesse Norman
David Nuttall
Neil Parish
Owen Paterson
Rebecca Pow
Jeremy Quin
Jacob Rees-Mogg
Laurence Robertson
Julian Smith
Royston Smith
Mark Spencer
John Stevenson
Desmond Swayne
Derek Thomas
Anne-Marie Trevelyan
Andrew Turner
Shailesh Vara
Theresa Villiers
Ben Wallace
David Warburton
Craig Whittaker
John Whittingdale
Nadhim Zahawi






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