American Friends of Magen David Adom

Dear Friend,

Right now, in Iran’s capital city there is a giant public clock on display that counts down the days until the destruction of Israel. Iran is Israel’s most powerful enemy in the Middle East. They have publicly vowed to annihilate Israel and have been diligently preparing to make good on this promise.

The Iran funded terrorist army, Hezbollah, poses an even more immediate danger to Israel. They are growing an arsenal of over 150,000 missiles perched on Israel’s northern border.

Just recently the Israel Defense Forces found several attack tunnels Hezbollah was digging under Israel’s border, one was over 530 feet long. Hezbollah is not just planning to attack, they have already breached the border of Israel. These are acts of war.

If this were not enough, Hamas continues to launch rockets and missiles, coordinate deadly terror attacks, and rally tens of thousands of frenzied demonstrators along…

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