Rechtsrock in Deutschland – Das Netzwerk der Neo-Nazis | zdf info doku BITTE UNBEDINGT ANSCHAUEN!


Rechtsrock in Deutschland – Das Netzwerk der Neo-Nazis

Die Zahl rechtsextremer Konzerte und Festivals steigt in Deutschland stetig – vor allem in Mitteldeutschland. Allein im Jahr 2018 gab es mehr als 320 Musikveranstaltungen der rechten Szene.
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Video verfügbar bis 01.11.2020

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Neonazis nutzen Rechtsrock-Veranstaltungen nicht nur zur massenhaften Verbreitung ihrer Ideologie, sondern auch als lukrative Einnahmequelle: Labels, Produzenten, Immobilien. Die Doku gibt Einblicke in die rechte Parallelwelt und analysiert ihre Netzwerke.

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Explore Indigenous Struggles in the United States | “More Pipelines Mean More Threats of Sexual Violence for Indigenous Women” | “They are Treated like Animals …” Young Man who was Living in the Matamoros Plaza with his Daughter after being sent back to Mexico under the MPP.


explore indigenous Struggles in the United States ↝
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Abaki Beck, Yes Magazine
October 11, 2019

Later this month, the South Dakota Water Management Board will be holding five hearings on water permits needed for the Keystone XL pipeline expansion, which will cross several rivers as it makes its way from the tar sands in Alberta to Steele City, Nebraska. If the pipeline expansion is approved — it’s been on hold for nearly a decade — it will affect several tribal and First Nations communities along its route. Tribal activists fear this will bring not only economic and environmental impacts but also sexual violence.

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There is so much more:

“They’re Treated like Animals”

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RT Exclusive: Gov´t official reveals why Assange was jailed (Full show) | ASSANGE´S BETRAYAL

Former Foreign Minister of Ecuador Ricardo Patiño joins Rick Sanchez to discuss President Lenin Moreno’s betrayal of Ecuador and the reasons for WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange’s expulsion from Ecuador’s embassy in London, UK after years of asylum. He emphasizes that he believes Assange to be a "brave journalist" for exposing crimes of the US government.

Death Row Exonerees Urge Governor to Halt Execution


Floridians for Alternatives to the Death Penalty

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(Tuesday, October 22, 2019 FL Capitol) Five Death Row Exonerees delivered a letter to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis urging him to halt the execution of James Dailey and thoroughly review the new and substantial evidence that casts doubt on his conviction. (Update: Wednesday, October 23, a Federal Court Issued a temporary Stay of Execution for James Dailey)

Four Death Row Exonerees of Witness to Innocence – Herman Lindsey, Juan Melendez, Clemente Aguirre, and Derrick Jamison, along with Seth Penalver, delivered the letter on behalf of four FL Death Row exonerees – Ron Wright, Joaquin Martinez, Juan Melendez, and Herman Lindsey.

“The same types of evidence that led each of us to be exonerated are also present in James’ case. The only difference allowing us to be spared from execution while James is set to be killed, is whether or not a judge and jury has had the opportunity to review all the evidence.”

Five Death Row Exonerees are interviewed…

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Leaders of the #Catholic Church are meeting at the #Vatican to address the profound challenges of the #AMAZON – this October – pls. share


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Report: Amber Guyger’s Lawyers Plan To Appeal Conviction — Majic 102.1

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Amber Guyger is taking the initial steps to appeal her murder conviction in the death of Botham Jean. An attorney for Guyger filed an intent to appeal her first-degree murder conviction earlier this month as well as her 10-year prison sentence. The appeal comes two weeks after she was found guilty in the September 2018…

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