China’s gene-editing doctor has reportedly gone missing — New York Post


A Chinese scientist, who claimed he helped make the world’s first genetically edited babies, is missing, a report said on Monday. He Jiankui of Shenzhen, China, gave a presentation in Hong Kong last week on his controversial experiment and nobody seems to know his whereabouts, The South China Morning Post reported. The Shenzhen-based Southern University…

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Excess winter deaths in England and Wales highest since 1976 — Watts Up With That?

Not one mention of fuel poverty in the entire article. Love the photo caption. Maybe, just maybe. IT’S THE WRONG KIND OF COLD~ctm From the Guardian Call for more NHS resources as elderly people and women among most vulnerable Snow in Derbyshire last December. The temperatures last winter are thought to have been partly to…

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Manufacturing #Truth — OffGuardian — | truthaholics

If you’re one of the millions of human beings who, despite a preponderance of evidence to the contrary, still believe there is such a thing as “the truth,” you might not want to read this essay. Seriously, it can be extremely upsetting when you discover that there is no “truth” … or rather, that what […]

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Stone Cold Criminals???

Filosofa's Word

The migrant caravan that Donald Trump said we should be so afraid of, that he said was filled with murderers, rapists, and even some Middle-Eastern terrorists, the one he sent troops to the border to defend against, has finally arrived.  Here is what all those “bad hombres” look like:

migrants-3 Lesly, age six, sits in her donated stroller. She has cerebral palsy and cannot walk

migrants-2 María Cáceres and her 15-year-old son Javier.  Javier has Down’s Syndrome.

migrants-4 Migrants pushing strollers on the road to … ???

migrant-girl-teargas A migrant and her young daughter, who have just had teargas thrown in their faces

Yes, folks, these are but a few of those “stone cold criminals” as Trump referred to them in his early morning tweet:Trump tweet migrants

I cannot say, nor would I, that out of the thousands of people in this caravan, there may not be a few who have committed crimes.  Take a thousand…

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Dr. Claud Anderson & Kofi Taharka On The Carl Nelson Show — WOL-AM 1450

The Man with the Plan, Dr. Claud Anderson returns to explain why Blacks are what he calls the ‘Third Rail’ in the US. Dr. Anderson will also discuss the Doctrine of Unequal Exchange. Before we hear from Dr. Anderson, The National chair of the National Black United Front, Kofi Taharka updates us on plans to…

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Domestic Violence Refuges Not Accessible For People With Physical Disabilities

Same Difference

Just one in ten domestic violence refuge spaces in the UK is accessible to people with physical disabilities, a BBC investigation has found.

Of the 131 councils that responded to a Freedom of Information request by BBC 100 Women, 20 had no accessible spaces.

And only 11% of individual domestic violence spaces are fully accessible.

It comes after a report last week suggested women with disabilities are more likely to experience domestic violence than those without.

The ONS report said 16.8% of women with long-term illness or disability were subjected to domestic abuse, compared to 6.3% of women without a disability.

Domestic abuse can include physical, sexual or emotional abuse – as well as withdrawing care from people with long-term illnesses or disabilities.

‘Used and abused’

Sarah (not her real name) said she was repeatedly sexually abused by someone she thought was a friend.

She said her physical disability added…

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When Freedom is Outlawed, Only the Outlaws will be Free… — Moorbey’z Blog

by Robert X – Prison Correspondent Secret detention’s. Secret Courts and Evidence. Closed Courtrooms. Racial Profiling. Indefinite imprisonment based on secret evidence or hearsay. Isolation and Sensory Deprivation inflicted on detained terrorist suspects to pry secrets from them. Americans seem shocked that their government is forced to resort to such measures in its ongoing War […]

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Save-the-date: Naschmarkt am 1. Advent > 2. Dezember — InSideBerlin.

Berliner Naschmarkt! Am 1. Adventssonntag gibt es viele süße Leckereien – dieses Mal rund um Mandeln und Marzipan. Und es wird weihnachtlich mit Plätzchen, Lebkuchen, Stollen & Co. Backt mit in der KeksWerkstatt, schmeckt, probiert und diskutiert mit im NaschLabor! Ab 13 Uhr: Verleihung der »Süßen Schnecke 2018« für bestes Berliner Naschwerk. Jury: der Berliner […]


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Flying foxes: We can prevent a genocide! — World Animals Voice

It is a deadly plan: The Government of Mauritius wants to kill thousands of flying foxes again in 2015 and 2016 – 13,000 animals! Allegedly, they eat the harvest from the fruit farmers. The launch could lead to extinction of the species. Animal rights activists fight against the killing action. “There is no […]

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