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Die Erde spricht     

Ihr habt mir großen Schmerz bereitet,

habt mich verletzt und ausgebeutet.

Seit ewig hab ich euch gegeben,

was alles ihr gebraucht zum Leben.

Ich gab euch Wasser, Nahrung, Licht,

lang hieltet ihr das Gleichgewicht,

habt urbar mich gemacht, gepflegt,

was ich euch bot, betreut, gehegt.

Doch in den letzten hundert Jahren

ist Satan wohl in euch gefahren.

Was in mir schlummert, wird geraubt,

weil ihr es zu besitzen glaubt.

Ihr bohrt nach Öl an tausend Stellen,

verschmutzt die Meere, Flüsse, Quellen,

umkreist mich sinnlos Tag und Nacht,

seid stolz, wie weit ihr es gebracht.

Habt furchtbar mich im Krieg versehrt,

kostbaren Lebensraum zerstört,

habt Pflanzen, Tiere ausgerottet,

wer mahnt, der wird von euch verspottet –

kennt Habgier, Geiz und Hochmut nur

und respektiert nicht die Natur.

Drum werde ich jetzt Zeichen setzen

und euch, so wie ihr mich, verletzen.

Ich werde keine Ruhe geben,


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The Names UpDate: 401 Killed By Police Since January 1st, 2015

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Mr MilitantNegro™ Jueseppi B Mr MilitantNegro™
Jueseppi B


 Below are listed the 401 names of those Killed by Police In This Year alone. The list will be updated weekly.

Jared Johnson
Joshua Green
Joshua Deysie
Andrew Jackson
Michael Brown
Fridoon Zalbeg Rawshannehad
John D. Acree
Jeffery O. Adkins
Alexia Christian
Erick Emmanuel Salas Sanchez
Kenneth Mathena
Kevin Vance Norton
Nadir Soofi
Elton Simpson
Billy Grimm
Michael Asher
Roark K. Cook
David Parker
Michelle Cusseaux

Kajieme Powell
John Crawford
Ezell Ford
Eric Garner
Clinton Allen
Roshad McIntosh
Oscar Grant
Sean Bell
Miriam Carey
Tamir Rice, 12

Akai Gurley
Vonderrit Myers
Walter Scott
Eric Harris
Freddie Gray
Brandon Lawrence
Daniel Howard Davis
Renisha McBride
Rekia Boyd
Felix David
Gary Timmie Collins
Mark Cecil Hawkins
Karen Jenks
Hector Morejon
Samuel Harrell
Joseph Potts
Ervin Leon Edwards
William L. Chapman II
Dontrell Stephens
Natasha McKenna
Terry Lee Chatman
Jonathan Efraim
Christopher Lee Lucas
Jose E. Herrera
Carlos Saavedra…

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Eighty Suicides Linked To Coalition Cuts, Say Disability Campaigners

Eighty Suicides Linked To Coalition Cuts, Say Disability Campaigners

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A huge number of disabled, sick and vulnerable people took their lives due to savage Tory benefits cuts, campaigners have warned.

And they believe even more will suffer and die if David Cameron wins the election.

Research from the Black Triangle campaign group found more than 80 cases of suicide directly linked to billions of pounds in benefit cuts.

John McArdle, co-founder of Black Triangle, said: “The Dept of Work and Pensions refuses to reveal the findings of their own peer reviews of suicides linked to the sanctions so we will never know the truth in those cases.

“We are supposed to be living in a democratic society where Parliament hold the executive to account but even they cannot find out. It is scandalous.”

He said the Work Capability Assessment regime applied to all sick and disabled people, without adequate risk assessment ‘built into the system’.

He added: “If it…

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Drug cartel attacks in Mexico prompts warning for Canadian tourists

Drug cartel attacks in Mexico prompts warning for Canadian tourists

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TORONTO – Canada’s embassy In Mexico has issued a warning to tourists following a wave of recent attacks by a drug cartel in the western state of Jalisco.

At least 15 people were killed and 19 injured in a series of attacks in Jalisco last Friday, during which 11 banks and five gas stations were burned.

The cartel is also suspected of using a rocket-propelled grenade to force down a military helicopter.

Canada’s embassy in Mexico has posted a warning on its Facebook page about “narco-blockades” affecting areas in and around the coastal city of Puerto Vallarta and Guadalajara to the east.

The message says “Canadians are advised to limit their movements throughout the cities and follow the advice of local authorities” and to “remain vigilant” and avoid all demonstrations and large gatherings.

The U.S. State department says the Jalisco New Generation drug trafficking cartel has emerged as one of…

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More bodies recovered on trekking route in Nepal’s Himalayan foothills

More bodies recovered on trekking route in Nepal’s Himalayan foothills

Originally posted on Global News:

KATHMANDU, Nepal – Rescuers were digging through thousands of tons of earth Tuesday, the remains of a quake-triggered mudslide that wiped out an entire village along a popular trekking route in Nepal’s Himalayan foothills and killed at least 60 people.

Police and local villagers have recovered 60 bodies from the Langtang Valley in the days since the April 25 earthquake and mudslide, said Gautam Rimal, the top government official in the Rasuwa district.

Nine of the victims were foreign trekkers, Rimal said. Villagers say as many as 200 people could have been killed.

The Langtang Valley, and the little village of Langtang, is about 60 kilometres (35 miles) north of Nepal’s capital, Kathmandu. It was a popular stop for trekkers because of its scenic views of the Himalayas.

“The entire village was wiped out by the mudslide. There were some 60 houses there, but they were all buried under rubble…

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In Brazil protesting teachers get a lesson in police brutality

In Brazil protesting teachers get a lesson in police brutality

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Austerity gets ugly in Brazil as teachers in one state faced the wrath of the local military police this week.

Over 200 teachers in the southern city of Curitiba were protesting against planned cuts to their pension on Wednesday. It was the usual Brazil labor union protest scene: a large truck being used as a bully pulpit with a leader speaking into a bullhorn. People holding signs.

Protests began in earnest on Saturday, but turned violent later in the week when a few dozen men busted through security gates and walked into the city’s General Assembly building at a time when there was a vote to cut public workers’  retirement benefits. The military policy took immediate evasive action. Some protesters were bloodied up. Everyone was doused with pepper spray and tear gas.  A few TV reporters were caught in the chaos with at least one local Brazilian cameraman getting attacked by…

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