Nasrallah: Trump humiliated 1.5 billion Muslims [Hezbollah leader] INN ^ | 12/08/17 04:43 | Ben Ariel Posted on 12/8/2017

Nasrallah: Trump humiliated 1.5 billion Muslims [Hezbollah leader] INN ^ | 12/08/17 04:43 | Ben Ariel Posted on 12/8/2017, 2:03:23 AM by Olog-hai Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah on Thursday blasted U.S. President Donald Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. “We feel that we are facing Balfour Declaration 2,” Nasrallah said. “When […]

via Nasrallah: Trump humiliated 1.5 billion Muslims [Hezbollah leader] INN ^ | 12/08/17 04:43 | Ben Ariel Posted on 12/8/2017, 2:03:23 AM by Olog-hai Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah on Thursday blasted U.S. President Donald Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. — BLOGGIN’ BAD w/ Gunny G! ~ HEY! NO MORE PC, REMEMBER! ~AMERICA CANNOT BE GREAT…YET! UNTIL… THE STAIN, STIGMA, STENCH AND SHAME OF “THE PRINCE OF FOOLS” IS “OFFICIALLY” AND FINALLY BROUGHT TO JUSTICE, AINOs (AMERICANS IN NAME ONLY) EXPOSED, AND THE SWAMP FLUSHED~FLUSH TWICE!-(“FLOATERS”) -POTUS .45 TRUMP COCKED and LOCKED!…..-ONE RIGHTEOUS MAN–IF WE CAN KEEP HIM! ~ Illegitimi non carborundum..!


Central Texas Jail Inmate’s Death Ruled Homicide

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Photo: MGN image
By Paul J. Gately |
Posted: Wed 8:26 AM, Dec 06, 2017  |
Updated: Wed 9:27 AM, Dec 06, 2017

GATESVILLE, Texas (KWTX) The death of a female Coryell County Jail inmate who died after an altercation with jail staff has been ruled a homicide but no criminal charges have been levied.
Justice of the Peace Coy Latham pronounced Kelli Leanne Page, 46, dead following an altercation inside the jail between Page and corrections officers.
Latham said Wednesday the report of autopsy classifies Page’s death as homicide but no criminal charges have been filed.
Texas law says a victim’s death can be ruled a homicide when it happens as the result of another’s actions, but does not necessarily involve criminal activity.
Latham said he will set a formal death inquest sometime before Christmas but on Wednesday morning had not yet docketed the issue.
State law allows investigating entities…

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Michael Slager, Cop who Shot Walter Scott, Sentenced to 20 Years: What to Know about the Case

Michael Slager, cop who shot Walter Scott, sentenced to 20 years: What to know about the case

The sentencing hearing for former North Charleston police officer Michael Slager began on Dec. 4.  (Reuters/Grace Beahm) ORIGINALFOTOS

photo: source:  myfundus

A federal judge ruled Thursday that Michael Slager, the former South Carolina police officer who fatally shot an unarmed black man, committed second-degree murder.
He was sentenced to 20 years in jail without a fine. Slager will also receive mental health counseling until he is released from prison.
The ruling comes after Slager, 36, pleaded guilty in May to violating Walter Scott’s civil rights. He had said he shot Scott multiple times in self-defense, alleging Scott had attempted to grab his Taser. Cell phone video captured at the scene, however, showed Slager shooting Scott in the back as Scott tried to run away.
Federal officials recommended 10 to 13 years in…

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Prison Guards Take to Facebook to Mock Florida Inmate who Died while Being Gassed

Prison guards take to Facebook to mock Florida inmate who died while being gassed

By Julie K. Brown And Caitlin Ostroff


UPDATED December 05, 2017

A group of Florida correctional officers excoriated a dead inmate on social media, saying that the 27-year-old prisoner — who suffered from a genetic blood disorder and died after being gassed by officers — deserved what he got.
The officers, writing on a private Facebook page for Florida corrections officers that has 6,000 members, called the inmate a “bitch,” an “a–hole,” and other expletives in a lengthy thread that followed the posting of a story published in the Miami Herald last Wednesday.

The Miami Herald could reach only two of those whose names were attached to the comments. One, who said he recently left the Florida Department of Corrections, acknowledged his post.

The Herald story detailed an ongoing federal civil rights lawsuit, brought last year on behalf of the late inmate’s now-13-year-old daughter.
Randall Jordan-Aparo, who was serving a short stretch for credit card fraud, suffered from a rare disease, one that was noted in his medical file. After he asked for medical attention and it was denied, he became agitated, and was placed in confinement, where he pleaded urgently to be taken to the hospital. The officers sprayed him with chemicals to subdue him, then left him unattended, state records show. He was found dead on the floor, dusted in orange chemical residue.

“I guess if he wasn’t acting like an ass, he probably wouldn’t have been gassed in the first place,” said one post. The apparent author is in the Florida Department of Corrections employee database. The Herald is not identifying him and others who could not be reached for comment.

“Who the f— cares!!! Cost of incarceration = $32,000…money WELL saved!!!” said another person, described in his Facebook bio as working at the University of New Hampshire. A university spokeswoman said no one by that name has ever worked there. The name does appear on the FDC employee database, but it is a relatively common name and the Herald could not reach him.

“Hey, it’s good for a laugh,” said another commenter, listed as a corrections sergeant in the database.  .   .   .


Are Hillary’s and John McCain’s orthopedic boots actually ankle bracelets?

Fellowship of the Minds

There is a buzz in the Alternative Media that the orthopedic boots worn by Hillary Clinton and John McCain may actually be ankle bracelets so that law enforcement can keep track of their whereabouts.

Remember Hillary Clinton saying she broke her big toe while “running down stairs wearing heels and falling backward” and so had to discontinue her book tour in the UK?

Here she is, in her last public appearance in the UK, wearing a special boot during an appearance on the BBC’s “Graham Norton Show” on Oct. 15, 2017.

When I posted about her broken toe, FOTM‘s Dave, who recently had much experience with toe and foot medical issues, remarked that “Broken toes do not require boots like that.”

It turns out that the real reason why Hillary discontinued her book tour, broken toe or not, is because she got wind that news would break the next…

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Huffington Post published names and faces of those who oppose Germany’s “migrant” policy

Fellowship of the Minds

The Huffington Post, the liberal website founded by Arianna Huffington, has a branch in Germany, also called The Huffington Post (HuffPo).

In an article (originally published on August 14, 2015 and updated through August 16), HuffPo (Germany) published the names and photos of people who had commented on social media opposing the ongoing “refugee-migrant” invasion. If you post a comment on their website or Facebook page or any social media, you will be named.

The lead author of the article is HuffPo (Germany)’s chief editor Sebastian Matthes.

The article begins by referring to a prior HuffPo article praising Germans who welcomed the “refugees.” Soon after that article was published, HuffPo was flooded with “hateful” comments by people opposed to Germany’s migrant policy, such as “Europe did not invite the parasites,” “our women are harassed,” “kick them out,” and “Sabrina and her ilk should be sold to the ISIS…

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Bloomberg foundation gives $5M to Baltimore to “fight crime”

Fellowship of the Minds

jack young baltimore Baltimore council president Jack Young

As of December 3, Baltimore had 322 homicides, with 280 of those caused by a shooting. This occurs despite having very strict gun laws.

And the shootings occur despite having over 600 cameras to “make a person think twice before they do something.” Apparently installing 60 more cameras throughout the city will somehow “bring out a lot of crime.”

I wonder why Bloomberg is throwing so much money at a cause that will have minimal results.

From MyFoxBaltimore: Mayor Catherine Pugh announced Sunday $5 million in funds to help fight crime. “I’m very grateful for Bloomberg Philanthropies for reading the Violence Reduction Plan, for understanding what we need in order to make this city safe,” Mayor Pugh said.

Bloomberg Philanthropies, a charity of former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg, awarded Baltimore the grant, which will fund 60 new CCTV “Citiwatch”…

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Pope Sends Rare Condolence After Malta Journalist Is Slain


Pope Francis on Friday joined the chorus of shock over the car bomb slaying of Maltese investigative journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia, sending a note expressing his condolences Friday to the overwhelmingly Catholic island nation.

Popes often send telegrams of condolences after deadly natural disasters or the deaths of prominent world leaders. Rarely does the death of a private citizen elicit a formal letter of condolence signed by the Vatican secretary of state in the pope’s name.

In the telegram sent Friday, Francis said he was “saddened by the tragic death” of Caruana Galizia and was praying for her family, the Maltese people and the nation as a whole “at this difficult moment.”

It was addressed to Valletta Archbishop Charles Scicluna, a longtime Vatican official before he was made a bishop in his homeland in 2012. Scicluna has condemned the “brutal murder” and appealed for “a unified resolve to promote true…

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Imam Says It’s His Right To Preach ‘Kill Infidels,’ Judge’s 2 Words Wipe Away His Grin —

After an asylum seeker was caught preaching to mosque-goers to “burn” infidels alive for insulting Islam, he stood before the court and invoked his religious right to preach the message. However, as soon as a patriotic judge heard his demand, he issued 2 brilliant words that turned the imam’s grin into a look of sheer […]

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