Turning our backs on the poor? Cartoon by Josh

Turning our backs on the poor? Cartoon by Josh

Originally posted on Watts Up With That?:

Josh writes: It is extraordinary to think that Bjorn Lomborg first published The Sceptical Environmentalist 17 years ago in 1998 – that’s as long as The Pause!

However there has been no pause in some people ignoring his message as we have, rather depressingly, read on BishopHill over the weekend – see here and here.

It is really simple: the money we spend on Climate Change mitigation can be better spent on health, education and cheap energy. Why is this hard to understand? Do they think climate science is done in a moral vacuum? Can they not see that divesting from fossil fuels hurts the poor the most?

Incredible. (click image to enlarge)


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Athens prison brawl leaves at least 2 dead, 21 injured

Athens prison brawl leaves at least 2 dead, 21 injured

Originally posted on Global News:

ATHENS, Greece – A brawl in an Athens prison wing housing foreigners left at least two inmates dead and 21 others injured on Sunday, many seriously, authorities said.

The fight, involving makeshift knives, happened in the Korydallos prison over control of Wing C, authorities said. The two dead inmates are Pakistani.

READ MORE: Bomb explodes under Greek prison governor’s parked car, one person injured

Prisoners of Albanian and Arab origin clashed with Pakistani inmates right after dinner on Sunday, and just before prisoners were led back to their cells, a justice ministry official said. The attack involved makeshift knives.

The official, speaking on condition of anonymity because he wasn’t authorized to give details about an ongoing investigation, said the injured have been transferred to an outside hospital and at least two are in critical condition. He said the situation inside the prison was now calm.

After the attack, a police…

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Italy: 3,690 Migrants Rescued From Mediterranean in 1 Day

Italy: 3,690 Migrants Rescued From Mediterranean in 1 Day

Originally posted on wchildblog:

From ABC News, May 3, 2015

The agency said 17 different rescue operations were carried out Saturday after smugglers took advantage of calm seas and warm weather to move the migrants out of Africa on motorized rubber dinghies and fishing boats.

Some of the migrants were being brought Sunday to ports in Sicily while others were expected to reach Calabria, in the south of the Italian mainland, on Monday, as temporary shelters for those rescued were reaching full capacity on the Mediterranean island.

While there was no issue with the weather, the smugglers often use include aging vessels that sometimes begin leaking shortly after leaving Libya. The boats are crammed with too many people as traffickers try to maximize earnings off…

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A Gruesome Historical Argument Against the Death Penalty

A Gruesome Historical Argument Against the Death Penalty

Originally posted on TIME:

It’s not easy being an executioner. Doing the job well earns no one’s praise; doing it badly leads to accusations of cruel and unusual punishment. Such was the charge on this day, May 4, in 1990, when a Florida inmate’s death by electric chair ended in torture for the inmate and trauma for horrified observers.

Jesse Tafero was convicted of fatally shooting two police officers during a 1976 traffic stop. By the time of his death, the electric chair was Florida’s standard method of execution. But because of what critics have described as poor training for executioners and limited oversight for executions themselves, the process did not go smoothly.

The trouble began when a sponge used in the chair’s headpiece wore out and had to be replaced. “There’s no factory or parts catalog for execution devices, so the prison sent a guy to pick up a sponge at the…

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Transgender Woman Pleas for Care and Basic Rights in Secret Video Message from Prison Cell

Transgender Woman Pleas for Care and Basic Rights in Secret Video Message from Prison Cell

Originally posted on colouredjustice.wordpress.com:

Transgender Woman Pleas for Care and Basic Rights in Secret Video Message from Prison Cell


Prisons are hostile, and potentially lethal, environments for transgender individuals. The acute need for understanding, medical care, and protection from predatory abuse is made visible for us through the remarkable efforts of Ashley diamond, a woman incarcerated in the mens’ Georgia State Prison.

Hearing her case and the evidence put forth by her advocates, The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), it is a wonder Ms. Diamond is still alive. She has suffered no fewer than seven serious sexual assaults in the three years of her term.

Georgia’s prison system is notoriously dysfunctional and brutal. The prison in which Ms. Diamond is incarcerated…

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