I exist in a fog. Some days it blows away, but some days it’s heavy and suffocating

I exist in a fog. Some days it blows away, but some days it’s heavy and suffocating

A quarter of Australians will experience an anxiety condition. It’s not a buzzword, it’s real, and it means I’ve been afraid since before I knew what it was to be afraid

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‘At the height of my illness – because that is what it is – I had anxiety attacks from the moment I woke up until I could finally sleep.’ Photograph: David Cheskin/PA

Last week, while I waited for a meeting to begin, two people pondered mental illness. Is it real? It’s probably a buzzword, they said. But I mean, I guess you have to feel sorry for them. Still. You know. You know.

I sat at the other end of the table and listened to my heart drumming in my chest. Fast as you like, bam-bam-bam-bam, then skipping a few times, heart palpitations, bam-bam . . . bam-bam. They congratulated themselves on their empathy and I excused myself to sit in a corridor and breathe as far into my body as I could, to find myself again.

About a quarter of Australians will experience an anxiety condition in their lives. It is the realest thing I can imagine.

As a child I would lie in bed and look up at the glow-in-the-dark stars my dad had carefully mounted, and I would think: the stars are so far away; the stars are infinite; the stars will be here long after I’m gone. I will be gone. One day, I will be gone.

It was a sharp intake of breath and a surge of adrenalin and then flight, out of bed in a flurry of blankets, through the lounge room, along the hallway, faster and faster with my lungs clanging in my ears and the knowledge that one day I will be gone chasing me, chasing me along the hallway until I rounded the corner and threw myself under my parents’ bed and stayed there.

I was six years old. …http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2015/mar/03/i-exist-in-a-fog-some-days-it-blows-away-but-some-days-its-heavy-and-suffocating?CMP=fb_gu

2 intoxicated and sleeping in dumpster nearly get crushed by compactor

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WATCH: A garbage truck driver is glad he noticed the two people he had just dumped into his truck before compacting the trash.

TAMPA, Fla. – Authorities in Florida say a man and woman who were intoxicated had to be rescued after falling asleep in a dumpster that was later emptied into a garbage truck.

Hillsborough County Sheriff’s officials say the couple had been sleeping in a dumpster outside a convenience store near Tampa early Wednesday. When the dumpster was emptied into the back of the garbage truck, they started screaming and banging on the sides of the truck.

Rescue crews were called just after 5 a.m. They removed 37-year-old Donald L. Jordan and 49-year-old Lisa Sirbella from the truck. They were taken to Tampa General Hospital after complaining of back pain.

Deputies originally believed they were homeless, but learned they were highly intoxicated after hanging out at a nearby…

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British citizen killed in Syria fighting alongside Kurds

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IRBIL, Iraq – A British citizen fighting alongside Kurdish forces against the Islamic State group has been killed in Syria, a Kurdish commander said Wednesday.

Konstandinos Erik Scurfield was shot dead March 2 in the front-line village of Tel Khuzela, Kurdish commander Redor Khalil told The Associated Press. Another foreign fighter battling with the Kurds, American Jordan Matson, said he is with the body and working on getting the remains back to Britain.

Several foreign fighters have travelled to Syria and neighbouring Iraq to fight with Kurdish militias battling the Islamic State group. Matson and four other foreign nationals told AP last month that they arranged to join Kurdish forces through the Facebook page run by the People’s Protection Units, or YPG, the main Syrian Kurdish militia fighting in northern Syria.

The Islamic State group, which currently holds territory in a third of Iraq and Syria, has recruited thousands of…

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Public libraries a new hot spot for risqué — and risky — erotic webcam performances

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One of the world’s least sexy places — the public library — has become the unwitting backdrop for an entirely new realm of “risqué” erotica.

In 2012, Cornell University publicly condemned a woman who had used their law and engineering libraries to film a series of clandestine sex shows. Earlier this year, Oregon State University got word that one of its reading desks had been used to stage a viral video of a student masturbating.

And just this week, Ontario’s Windsor Public Library announced that two of its branches — and some of its patrons — had shown up in the background of a series of online porn videos.

“We were pretty shocked,” said Windsor Public Library CEO Kitty Pope on Tuesday amid reassurances that the branches were still “safe” for the public.

In January, library staff had kicked out an unidentified woman who was caught taking “inappropriate pictures of…

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Tschetschenien – Vergessen auf Befehl auf ARTE TV.de


Tschetschenien – Vergessen auf Befehl

Tschetschenien – Vergessen auf Befehl

23. Februar 2015

Zehn Jahre nach ihrer ersten Tschetschenien-Reise kehrt Manon Loizeau in das kleine Land zurück. Während damals die russischen Besetzer das Feindbild der Tschetschenen prägte, zieren heute Plakate des russischen Präsidenten Wladimir Putin die Alleen in der wiederaufgebauten Hauptstadt Grozny. Dort hat sich inzwischen ein neues Spukgespenst eingenistet – Präsident Ramsan Kadyrow regiert mit einserner Hand und wie damals unter russischer Besatzung sind Folter und Entführungen keine Seltenheit.

THEMA strahlt den Dokumentarfilm von Manon Loizeau am 3. März aus. In diesem Internetdossier finden Sie unter anderem ein Interview mit der Regisseurin über die Drehbedingungen vor Ort sowie eine 26minütige Reportage, die Manon Loizeau 2004 im alten Grozny drehte.

Das neue Grozny

Zehn Jahre nach ihrer letzten Reise in die kleine Republik, die damals noch unter russischer Besatzung stand, filmt Manon Loizeau dieses Mal heimlich ein Moskau untergeordnetes und vom Terror geknebeltes Tschetschenien.

Dienstag, 3. März

Tschetschenien – Vergessen auf Befehl

Im Dezember 2014 jährt sich der Beginn des Ersten Tschetschenienkriegs zum 20. Mal. Ende 1994 marschierten russische Truppen in Tschetschenien ein, um den Souveränitätskurs der kaukasischen Republik zu beenden. In diesem Krieg kamen bis zu 80.000 Menschen ums Leben. Heute werden die Spuren des Krieges systematisch ausgelöscht.

Eine Reportage von Manon Loizeau Naître à Grozny

“Die Babys von Grozny”

2003 dreht Manon Loizeau die Reportage “Die Babys von Grosny”. Sie  schildert den Alltag in einem Kreißsaal in der tschetschenischen Hauptstadt mitten im Krieg.

Internationales, Russland


Wie sind die Beziehungen zwischen Russland und Tschetschenien? Eine Karte und Schlüsseldaten geben Aufschluss über die jüngste tschetschenische Geschichte.

Patrick Chauvel: Erinnerungen an die Schlacht um Grozny

Ihre Bilder gingen um die ganze Welt, sie wurden zu Augenzeugen an der Seite vieler Kämpfer und erlebten mit ihnen, wie die Lage sich von einem auf den anderen Moment lebensgefährlich zuspitzen kann: Kriegsreporter. Patrick Chavel über die Schlacht von Grozny.

Mit offenen Karten Mit offenen Karten

Russlands Weltanschauung

Russland ist das größte Land der Erde. Es hat eine Fläche von 17 Millionen km2 und grenzt an mehrere Meere sowie an 14 Staaten. “Mit offenen Karten” stellt die Moskauer Sicht der Dinge dar.

– See more at: http://info.arte.tv/de/tschetschenien-vergessen-auf-befehl#sthash.45vPMT8n.dpuf

Why Americans Don’t Care About Prison Rape | The Nation

Why Americans Don’t Care About Prison Rape | The Nation.

In June of 2012, the New York Times “Room for Debate” feature considered whether or not convicted youth offenders should be treated differently than adult convicts in the penal system. Those in favor of trying some youth offenders in adult courts included a victims’ advocate, and an attorney from the conservative Heritage Foundation; those against included an inmate at California’s San Quentin prison, and a human rights activist. The victims’ advocate and the attorney from the Heritage Foundation talked about extreme cases of violence and the benefits of stern consequences. The inmate and the human rights activist talked about rape. …

Benjamin Levin, who was also a university professor, entered a guilty plea for making written child pornography, counselling a person to commit a sexual assault, and possession of child

Former Manitoba bureaucrat pleads guilty to child porn charges

<img class=”story-img” src=”http://vipmedia.globalnews.ca/2015/03/bejamin_levin.jpg?w=282&h=188&crop=1″ alt=”Benjamin Levin.” />; Benjamin Levin.

Benjamin Levin.

Toronto Police Service

TORONTO – A man who was once a top bureaucrat in Manitoba, and Ontario’s deputy minister of education has pleaded guilty to three child pornography-related charges in a Toronto court.

Benjamin Levin, who was also a university professor, entered a guilty plea for making written child pornography, counselling a person to commit a sexual assault, and possession of child

He was originally charged with seven child-pornography-related offences.

The investigation that led to Levin’s July 2013 arrest began in mid-2012 after officials in Toronto were contacted by authorities in New Zealand and later police in London, Ont.

Levin served as Manitoba’s deputy minister of advanced education and deputy minister of education, training and youth between 1999 and 2002.

From late 2004 to early 2007, Levin held the post of deputy education minister in Ontario, and was on Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne’s transition team as she took office.

Windsor libraries CEO and police investigate after reports of live Internet sex shows hosted from two branches

Originally posted on National Post:

WINDSOR, Ont. — The CEO of the public library in Windsor, Ont., plans to meet with police today after published reports said a young woman made live online sex shows at two branches.

CBC News reported the woman performed graphic sex acts multiple times — including flashing her breasts, masturbating and using sex toys — and streamed it all online.

It says the shows happened between November of last year and the end of January and that the woman involved appears to be in her 20s.

Windsor Public Library CEO Kitty Pope says a young woman was spotted in a branch in January taking inappropriate images and was asked to leave by staff.
She says there were no complaints from library patrons at the time.

Pope says police could not take any action at the time, but now that officials have been told some of the images were posted online…

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It is URGENT that our delegates know that you want them to keep youth out of adult jails. please: WRITE

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You’ve called your senators, and now we need your help in the House! The House Judiciary Committee is voting on our bill HB 618 TONIGHT. It is URGENT that our delegates know that you want them to keep youth out of adult jails.

There are three ways that you can help right NOW:

  • Call your delegate
  • Email your delegate
  • Ask a friend to do the same!

Please let them know:


I am calling/emailing because I would like Delegate_____ to support HB 618 to ensure that youth are not held in adult jails pre-trial.

curt.anderson@house.state.md.us 410-547-0425
Vanessa E. Atterbeary Vanessa.Atterbeary@house.state.md.us 410-841-3471410-841-3471
William A. Campos
Will.Campos@house.state.md.us 410-841-3340
Jill P. Carter
jill.carter@house.state.md.us 410-841-3268
John W. E. Cluster, Jr.
john.cluster@house.state.md.us 410-841-3526410-841-3526
Frank M. Conaway, Jr.
frank.conaway@house.state.md.us 410-841-3189410-841-3189
William G. Folden
William.Folden@house.state.md.us 410-841-3240
Glen Glass
glen.glass@house.state.md.us 410-841-3280
Jay Jalisi
Jay.Jalisi@house.state.md.us 410-841-3358410-841-3358

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Huge Success For Campaigners As Rage Against Maximus Explodes Onto The Streets Across The UK

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Disabled protesters block Victoria Street bringing traffic chaos. Disabled protesters block Victoria Street bringing traffic chaos.

Over 30 towns and cities held protests yesterday against the involvement of sinister US based outsourcing company Maximus in the despised Work Capability Assessments.

Maximus take over from Atos this week carrying out the tests used to strip benefits from sick and disabled people by finding them ‘fit for work’.  Atos were chased out of their lucrative contract with the DWP after a string of protests destroyed their carefully crafted corporate identity and campaigners have vowed to do the same to Maximus.

In London up to a hundred disabled people and supporters descended on their non-descript London offices where a noisy and determined protest took place outside their front door.  Protesters then took to the streets and occupied a roundabout where a Work Capability Assessment circus was held with events including a jumping through hoops display and a box lifting competition –…

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