Revenge Upon the Executioner – ugly, sad story but true!

Revenge Upon the Executioner – ugly, sad story but true!

“Life is a succession of lessons which

must be lived to be understood.”

― Helen Keller

*     *     *     *

On this 19th day of April, 240 years ago, a shot heard round

the world was fired in Massachusetts and that became the

incident which started America’s Revolutionary war. The

English soldier who fired that bullet was defended by a

Boston attorney who was advised to take the case by his

key aide Abigail, and he would gain fame and later go on

to become elected as George Washington’s vice-president.

Abigail married the lawyer and they had a child who would

become America’s sixth President. The British infantryman

was found guilty by a jury and his penalty for the shooting

was to receive a tattoo branded upon his thumb.

On April 19th, 72 years ago, an uprising began in a Polish

ghetto called Warsaw in which an estimated 300,000 to

400,000 people were slaughtered by Nazis. One Jew who

survived as a young child would grow up to launch an

American institution called “The Great American Meatout”.

That same individual (Alex Hershaft) hosts an annual

animal rights conference attended by over 1,000 people.

Alex lived on a street in that ghetto called Mila 18, the

same name given to a novel by a struggling writer friend

of mine. The 300 remaining residents of Mila 18 committed

mass suicide rather than be captured by the Nazis.

On this same date, Charles Manson was sentenced to life

in prison for crimes he never actually participated in; the

Tate/LaBianca murders, and on this date the Boston

Marathon bombers were first identified. Finally, on April 19th,

mass un-sub Tim McVeigh, blew up an Oklahoma City office

building claiming 168 lives as an act of retribution for Janet

Reno carrying out then President Clinton’s order which resulted

in our government’s slaughter of 86 people in Waco, Texas two

years earlier.

So far as I can see, the man had no redeemable ethical values,

but he was smart and learned life’s lessons well. McVeigh fully

understood the effect dairy had on the body, particularly ice

cream. Got explosively-loose digestive sludge 12 hours after

eating ice cream?

Timothy McVeigh was executed by lethal injection at

7:13 AM on this date in 2001 for his role in the bombing

of the Federal Building in Oklahoma City. The most remarkable

part of his final day fourteen years ago was not his despicable

crime or his death. It was his final anti-social act; revenge

upon the executioner which changed prison policy forever.

Timothy McVeigh’s last meal was one quart of mint

chocolate chip ice cream. A prisoner’s last request for

a favorite meal is no longer honored because of MeVeigh.

When a person dies, he or she loses all control of

the bladder and sphincter muscle. In other words, upon

death, one urinates and defecates without regard to the

explosive nature of that final act. If one’s last meal

is ice cream, the effects can be volatile and disgusting.

The executioner is always the first to know.

Do you doubt this? Eat one quart of mint chocolate chip

ice cream this evening, and nothing else. Let me know

about tomorrow’s bowel movements. Dinner will create

one to two gallons of mucus discharge. Your intestines

will fill with the most unpleasant putrefying odorous

fecal matter.

McVeigh’s final act should be a lesson to all. You

could live your entire life with the same unpleasant

bowel movements each day. Eat cheese and ice cream,

and you are guaranteed to suffer the ill effects of poor

bowel movements after dairy consumption.

After McVeigh’s execution and disgusting cleanup, the

state of Texas eliminated the traditional (often messy)

death row convict’s request for a last meal.

*     *     *     *

“For a beverage, you asked for some ‘cherry-assed Kool Aid.’

Okay, now you’re just adding ‘assed’ in places where it

doesn’t even make sense. Regardless, we will fulfill your

request for Cherry Kool-Aid. However, Halle Berry will not

be pouring it from her mouth into yours. For dessert, you

asked for your mother’s homemade peach cobbler. It is highly

unorthodox for someone other than the prison kitchen staff

to prepare a final meal. Also, you killed her about eight

years ago, remember? So you’ll have to settle for Hostess.”

– Colin Nissan

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Teenage Girl Tragically killed Herself

Teenage Girl Tragically killed Herself

Teenage Girl Tragically killed Herself


images (1)

Teenage girl tragically killed herself after bullies flooded her social media accounts with horrible messages… as her parents call for action against the two boys responsible

teen-girlAs the anniversary of their daughter’s suicide approaches, Michael and Jane Cleland have spoken of their battle to have the two teenage boys, who they say bullied their daughter to death, held accountable for their actions under cyber bullying laws.
Jessica Cleland, from Wallan, Victoria, was 19 when she took her own life on Easter Saturday last year, after receiving Facebook messages from two teenage boys she considered friends saying that they hated her, and that she was a ‘f***ing sook’.
Her parents said that Jessica’s social media accounts were flooded with horrible sentiments the night before she died, and are now desperate to see a change within Victoria’s Government and the state’s police so that those found guilty of cyber bullying face serious consequences.

smiley-face-with-smart-phone-150x150Jessica Cleland committed suicide last year after being cyber bullied, She was sent horrible messages from two friends who said they hated her. The teenagers were named in the coroners report but weren’t investigated. Her parents want to see cyber bullying legislation be taken seriously
Under Victorian legislation cyber bullying can result in ten years jail

What we would like to see happen is that if someone is cyber bullying somebody and they cause something like this, then they should be held ­accountable for it,’ said Jessica’s father Michael.
On Easter Saturday last year, Jessica told her her mother that she was going for a run.

Her sister Amy became concerned after seeing an Instagram photo Jessica uploaded with the caption ‘I love this place and I am never going to leave’.

Jessica’s father found her body on the Sunday in the same place where the photo had been taken.
The Cleland’s said that Jessica was a vibrant and and outgoing girl, who was looking forward to her gap year and had never exhibited symptoms of depression or mental illness before the two former friends began bullying her online.

Coroner Jacqui Hawkins said in the report she released in October that Jessica’s death highlighted the impact that social media could have on the lives on young people, and that both Facebook and text messaging was ‘problematic’ for the teenager.

‘Easy access to the internet on her phone meant that she was exposed to potentially upsetting communications 24 hours a day; and she was able to return to, and re-read, the upsetting messages at a later time and therefore appears to have continued to ruminate about them,’ the coroners report said.

‘Although it is not possible to identify, with any degree of certainty, the factors contributing to a person’s decision to take their own life, it is evident that messages received by Jessica online proximate to her death…were precipitating factors,’ reported The ABC.

imagesFollowing the release of the coroners report, the Cleland’s are now campaigning to see cyber bullying taken more seriously in Victoria and around Australia.

Victoria already has anti-bullying legislation known as Brodie’s Law, which was introduced in 2011 after the death of Brodie Panlock, who committed suicide after being subject to relentless bullying in her workplace.
The crime is punishable by ten years in jail, and applies to cyber bullying as well as physical, verbal and psychological bullying.

Despite these laws, and the finding of the coroner who named the two teenage boys, there has been no charges and no inquest into Jessica’s death, which the Cleland’s labelled as a failure.
Police also failed to produce a warrant to obtain communication between Jessica and her bullies from Facebook and Snapchat.

The Cleland’s said that they were disappointed with the Victorian police for failing to investigate and want to see the teenagers held accountable for their actions.
‘If you accidentally hit someone in your car you can get manslaughter. What’s the difference if you bully someone and cause them to take their own life?’, Jessica’s mother Jane told The Herald-Sun.

‘They keep saying they’re going to have a big push on cyber bullying and try to knock it on the head, but it seems like it’s too much hard work.’

Jessica’s grandmother wrote of the impact of the 19-year-old’s death on the family, and called for harsher enforcement of the anti-bullying legislation.

‘It seems there is a law in Victoria that criminalises cyber bullying, but it doesn’t get enforced because of the police paperwork…Cyber bullying is a silent killer of too many of our young ones,’ she wrote.
‘We have the evidence … but where’s the justice?’

If you or someone you know is struggling with mental illness or depression, please contact Lifeline on 13 11 14.



last year Victoria amended its Crimes Act to include bulling and cyber-bullying, making it a crime in Victoria to bully a co-worker, or any person, to their death, Also known as “Brodie’s Law”


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Baby Shot in Head in Apparent Road Rage Case, Police Say

Baby Shot in Head in Apparent Road Rage Case, Police Say

Originally posted on TIME:

(SEATTLE) — Police in the Seattle suburb of Kent say a 1-year-old girl was shot in the head as she sat in a car with her parents in what is described as an apparent case of road rage.

Harborview Medical Center spokeswoman Susan Gregg said the baby girl was in “very critical condition” in Seattle on Friday, a day after the shooting.

Kent police spokeswoman Melanie Robinson says the child was in a car seat in the back of a silver Chevrolet Impala and her parents were in the front seat when a black car pulled alongside around 4:30 p.m. Thursday. Robinson says the driver and passenger of the black car opened fire, then drove off.

Police didn’t offer details on the possible conflict.

The shooting took place at an intersection near an apartment complex.

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Jason Kenney says Canadian soldiers will not be training Nazi sympathizers in Ukraine

Jason Kenney says Canadian soldiers will not be training Nazi sympathizers in Ukraine

Originally posted on National Post:

The Canadian government is confident that troops from Petawawa won’t end up instructing Neo Nazis and far right extremists when they begin their training mission in Ukraine this summer, but a former diplomat is warning it will be difficult to weed out such extremists as their militia units are now being integrated into Ukraine’s regular forces.

Some members of Ukraine’s most effective fighting units have openly acknowledged they are Nazi sympathizers or have expressed anti-Semitic or extreme right wing views.

The Canadian government has committed as many as 200 Canadian soldiers to train Ukraine’s military, which has fought Ukrainian rebels who want to separate. The bulk of the first wave of Canadian troops, to arrive in Ukraine sometime in the summer, will come from the Petawawa Garrison in the Ottawa Valley.

There is now a ceasefire in place between the Ukraine military and the rebels but there are concerns it…

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Montreal police officer called before ethics committee after threatening homeless man

Montreal police officer called before ethics committee after threatening homeless man

Originally posted on Montreal Gazette:

A Montreal police officer who was filmed as he threatened to tie a homeless man to a pole during one of the coldest days of last year has been ordered to appear before the police ethics committee later this month.

According to Quebec’s Comité de déontologie policière website, nine days have been scheduled for hearings, between April 27 and May 8, to hear the case involving the video that proved to be a black eye for the Montreal police. The video, shot by a passerby, surfaced during the first week of January 2014, just after the Montreal police had launched a special initiative to help homeless people with the brutal cold the city was experiencing.

The citation issued by the ethics committee to Constable Pierre-Luc Gauthier was not available to the Montreal Gazette on Saturday but he has been identified by Radio-Canada as the police officer in the video who…

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(Very compromising) Photo of trans woman beaten by police inspires a movement in Brazil

(Very compromising) Photo of trans woman beaten by police inspires a movement in Brazil

Originally posted on


Photo of trans woman beaten by police inspires a movement in Brazil

| April 18, 2015
via @vevebolina

SAO PAULO, Brazil — Before last Sunday, every photo available online of Verônica Bolina, including the hundreds on her public Instagram account, showed a woman who paid special attention to how her face and body looked.

But in a photo that went viral this week, Bolina’s face is so disfigured and swollen she’s hardly recognizable. In the photo, the transgender woman is shown sitting on the ground with her breasts exposed, hands cuffed behind her back, and her feet chained together while police officers stand around her. Her long hair is gone.

Screen Shot 2015-04-18 at 8.33.13 AM

According to various reports, Verônica Bolina suffered the brutal beating at the hands of military police after being…

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TSA Trained Disney, SeaWorld to SPOT Terrorists

TSA Trained Disney, SeaWorld to SPOT Terrorists

Featured photo - TSA Trained Disney, SeaWorld to SPOT Terrorists

(This is an item from our new blog: Unofficial Sources.)

TSA Trained Disney, SeaWorld to SPOT Terrorists

Going to Disney World this summer? Don’t laugh excessively with widely open staring eyes — because those behavior indicators could identify you as a potential terrorist. Packing a Mickey Mouse costume? Wearing a disguise is another indicator.

Yes, the Transportation Security Administration’s embattled $900 million behavior detection program, called Screening of Passengers by Observation Techniques, or SPOT, is not just used at airports. It’s also used at theme parks.

TSA has trained security teams from SeaWorld, Disney World and Busch Gardens to use the same checklist of behavior indicators, which includes “wearing a disguise,” “whistling,” “exaggerated yawning” and “excessive laughter,” according to interviews and documents obtained by The Intercept.

In March, The Intercept published the now widely ridiculed 92-item checklist of behavior indicators used by TSA’s behavior detection officers at airports around the country. The SPOT program, now referred to by TSA as the Behavior Detection Analysis program, has been the subject of several audits and reviews by oversight agencies and congressional committees, which have criticized the program’s methodology and scientific basis.

The Intercept also reported earlier this month that the indicators were primarily targeting undocumented immigrants, rather than terrorists.

On July 22, 2009, TSA trained about 400 members of local law enforcement from central Florida — including SeaWorld’s director and assistant director of security, and representatives from Disney World and Busch Gardens — in the same checklist used by the SPOT program.

“They have plainclothes people at SeaWorld and Disney doing the same behavior detection, looking for the same indicators we look for at the airport,” a source told The Intercept.

SeaWorld and the Greater Orlando Airport Authority (GOAA), which manages Orlando International Airport, have long had close relations because many of the people flying into the airport are heading to the parks, which are also potential targets of terrorist attacks.

“So GOAA, Disney, SeaWorld, Busch Gardens all work together in the most advanced security measures,” the source said.

A “Certificate of Completion” dated July 22, 2009, featuring TSA and Department of Homeland Security seals, thanks participants for their completion of TSA’s eight-hour “Behavior Recognition for Law Enforcement” training, which was certified through Valencia Community College.

A representative for SeaWorld and Busch Gardens, which are owned by the same company, declined to comment. TSA, in response to The Intercept’s query, provided the following statement: “The Behavior Detection and Analysis (BDA) program is designed to detect individuals who exhibit anomalous behaviors indicating they fear discovery and may pose a risk to aviation security. The program was created by TSA, using behavior analysis techniques that have been successfully employed by law enforcement and security personnel both in the U.S. and internationally. No single behavior alone will cause a traveler to be referred to additional screening or will result in a call to a law enforcement officer (LEO).”

Disney World did not respond to requests for comment.

Photo of gun components found by TSA officials in a stuffed toy in May 2012. (AP Photo/Transportation Security Administration)

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