BOBBY HINES only wants to LIVE, only to live in that Prison Society. Please, stop Execution!

Circle of Hope – Today, 8:38 AM

In that article You´ll learn that both men were teenager as they did this crime: Bobby Lee Hines & Anthony Cardell Haynes


Dear Sir/Madam 

I do not live in America, and again, time is running short for Bobby Hines, please fwd my appeal for Clemency to your Governor for Bobby Hines, scheduled for execution 24 Oct 2012. Other inmates before him were ‘ready to go’, but Bobby isn’t ready to go, he wants to live. Given his sad and abusive childhood, which will not be difficult to prove with your States records, it only requires time. He had only 19 years in the free world, in which he had no love nor decency of a human being deserves. He deserves Clemency. He only asked to be able to live in that prison society. A hope and plea to live. Thank you. (Its urgent!) Grace ….