GREAT JOY! photo of Herman upon release, on route to the LSU hospital!

  1. Angola 3 Newsletter, October 2, 2013:

Herman Wallace’s Release from Prison

Photo of Herman upon release, on route to the LSU hospital.
–Watch today’s Democracy Now, with video of Herman’s release.
Yesterday was truly an amazing day! We want to thank all of our supporters and we will have more photos and information soon. Until then, we want to share with you the two ‘update’ posts we released yesterday. The first reported on Judge Jackson’s second order for Herman’s release, and the second was the announcement of Herman’s actual release. Links to a wide range of media coverage are also included. We are also featuring several photos from last night taken by A3 supporters, posted at Flickr and Indybay. Also be sure to view the touching photos of Herman taken by the Times-Picayune.

Judge Jackson Denies State’s Request for a Stay and Issues Second Order for Herman Wallace’s Immediate Release

MEDIA COVERAGE:  Times Picayune–Herman Wallace must be released immediately or state will face contempt charge, judge rules  II  CNN
(Posted at 7:05 pm EST)  After this morning’s bombshell ruling by Judge Jackson overturning Herman’s conviction and ordering his immediate release, his legal team has spent the day trying to convince Louisiana officials to do as the Court requires and let him go free.

As some outlets have reported, an ambulance has been outside the prison all afternoon ready to transport him out of prison to supporter sponsored accommodations complete with hospice care, but the State stubbornly refused release and filed a motion to Stay.
Just moments ago, Judge Jackson issued an order (view the court document here) denying the State’s desperate attempt at keeping Herman behind bars, again ordered his release, and cautioned Louisiana officials that their failure to release him immediately would put them in Contempt of Court.
We will update you as soon as we hear any more news.
Free At Last! Herman Has Finally Been Released

MEDIA COVERAGE:  CNN  II  Times-Picayune (features photos of Herman’s release)  II  NBC  II  ABC / Associated Press
(Posted at 9:15 pm EST)
  After a long, dramatic day, we are humbled to report that the indomitable, irrepressible Herman Wallace has just been released after spending over 4 decades in solitary confinement.
Even after Judge Jackson’s late evening ruling denying the State’s attempt at a stay and again ordering his immediate release, the State continued to stall.  Once notified of the continued delay, Judge Jackson stoically refused to leave his quarters until Herman was released, and just minutes ago, Herman was driven away from the prison a free man, awake and able to revel in this miraculous turn of events.
The State will likely still appeal to the 5th Circuit and attempt to have the order reversed, and may even re-indict him, but it seems that Herman, against all odds, has won.

Despite all the exciting drama of the day, this is obviously a deeply bittersweet moment for all those involved in the campaign as we know Herman may not have much longer amongst us, but thanks to the unwavering commitment to justice that those on this list have demonstrated over the years on A3’s behalf, he will not die in prison behind solitary bars.
Now we must resolve collectively to harness this rediscovered energy and excitement and dedicate ourselves to getting Albert the same result without delay.
If you happen to be in New Orleans, supporters are holding a vigil tonight starting in just a few moments at 8pm. Everyone is welcome to come and celebrate this incredible news. Coliseum Square was the original location, but it has been changed to LSU, outside the hospital emergency room, at 2021 Perdido St New Orleans, LA 70112.
With awe, bewilderment, and a renewed optimism, we will keep supporters updated.

EVEN MORE MEDIA COVERAGE: Amnesty International  II  Solitary Watch  II  The Atlantic  II  The Advocate  II  The Times-Picayune  II  NOLA Defender  II  BBC  II  SF Chronicle / Associated Press  II  Think Progress  II  Democracy Now  II  News One  II  UK Telegraph / AFP  II  UK Daily Mail  II  UPI   II  teleSUR (in Spanish)

Herman in April 2013: All Power to the People!

Keep in Touch with Herman and Albert


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