YOU could make a huge difference: Prop34 to replace CALIFORNIA´S DEATH PENALTY

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[California delegates cheering on stagecoach at the 1912 Republican National Convention held at the Chicago Coliseum, Chicago, Illinois, June 18-22, 1912] (LOC) (Photo credit: The Library of Congress)
Help us replace the death penalty!

Dear Friend,

Prop 34 to replace California’s death penalty is surging in the polls, and momentum is on our side!

A wide range of endorsers — 1,464 in total, including the state’s biggest newspapers, law enforcement, victims’ families, faith and community leaders, and more — have already lined up behind our initiative for justice that works in California. But we can’t stop now.

Millions of voters are still undecided on Prop 34 — and a personal recommendation from a friend or family member like you could really make a huge difference.

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These millions of undecided voters hold the key to Prop 34. If we sway enough of them in these final 100 hours, we’ll win. If we don’t, we’ll lose.

It’s really that simple — and it all comes down to these final days.

One of the biggest questions these undecided voters are asking is, “Who supports Prop. 34?”

And you can tell them.

Share this image on Facebook so all your friends know that 1,464 endorsers — from the Los Angeles Times to the California Catholic Conference to the California Nurses Association — all support Prop 34 to replace the death penalty with justice that works for everyone.

With your support — and a few clicks of your mouse right now — I know we can win a huge victory for California by passing Prop 34.

Don’t forget to head to the polls and VOTE on Tuesday!



Natasha Minsker
Campaign Manager
Yes on 34

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