Jimmy Carter calls for fresh moratorium on DEATH PENALTY! (excuse me, but I have to say: Halleluja!)

Jimmy Carter calls for fresh moratorium on death penalty

Carter says it amounts to cruel and unusual punishment and justices should reintroduce ban that stood from 1972 to 1976
Jimmy Carter in 2008
Jimmy Carter said: ‘The only consistency today is that the people who are executed are almost always poor, from a racial minority or mentally deficient.’ Photo: Reuters

Former US president Jimmy Carter has called for a new nationwide moratorium on the death penalty, arguing that it is applied so unfairly across the 32 states that still have the death sentence that it amounts to a form of cruel and unusual punishment prohibited under the US constitution.

In an interview with the Guardian, Carter calls on the US supreme court to reintroduce the ban on capital punishment that it imposed between 1972 and 1976. The death penalty today, he said, was every bit as arbitrary as it was when the nine justices suspended it on grounds of inconsistency in the case of Furman v Georgia 41 years ago.

“It’s time for the supreme court to look at the totality of the death penalty once again,” Carter said. “My preference would be for the court to rule that it is cruel and unusual punishment, which would make it prohibitive under the US constitution.”

Carter’s appeal for a new moratorium falls at a time of mounting unease about the huge disparities in the use of capital punishment in America. Recent research has shown that most of the 1,352 executions that have taken place since the supreme court allowed them to recommence in 1976 have emanated from just 2% of the counties in the nation.

Amid a critical shortage of medical drugs used in lethal injections caused by a European boycott of US corrections departments, death penalty states are also adopting increasingly desperate execution methods. The new techniques range from deploying previously untested sedatives in lethal injections, to concocting improvised batches of the chemicals through compounding pharmacies….

Please, read article here:  http://www.theguardian.com/world/2013/nov/11/jimmy-carter-supreme-court-death-penalty


Threaten a Soul in Fear : John Ferguson


English: Paying the death penalty for crime - ...
English: Paying the death penalty for crime – garroting a criminal at Bilibid Prison, Manila, P.I. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


FADP Update

We are very sorry to report that, in an unusual move and in a divided opinion, the U.S. Court of Appeals has lifted the U.S. District Court‘s stay of the execution of John Ferguson. The U.S. District Court had issued the stay in order to hear arguments on Friday that Ferguson is incompetent to be executed. It is now possible that the execution of John Ferguson could proceed as previously scheduled for Tuesday, Oct. 23 at 6pm ET unless the U.S. Supreme Court intervenes.
We will send out an update as soon as more information comes in. Here is the latest news.
PLEASE contact Governor Rick Scott and ask him to convene the Board of Executive Clemency to commute the death sentence of John Ferguson to Life in Prison with No Parole, because he is incompetent to be executed.
Gov. Rick Scott  – Phone: 850-488-7146 
In response to the Eleventh Circuit order, Ferguson’s attorney, Chris Handman, said: 
“We are disappointed that a divided panel of the Eleventh Circuit vacated the stay of execution entered by Judge Hurley who had concluded that Mr. Ferguson’s case raises important constitutional issues that merit full consideration. We are hopeful that the Supreme Court will reverse this decision because there is no evidence that Mr. Ferguson has a rational understanding of the reason for, and effect of, his execution. A man who thinks he is the immortal Prince of God and who believes he is incarcerated because of a Communist plot quite clearly has no rational understanding of the effect of his looming execution and the reason for it.”
Please remember: Letters-to-the-editor of your local newspaper reach thousands.
Please support the Florida statewide coalition effort to end executions.
Shine the light,
Sent by:
Mark Elliott
Executive Director
Floridians for Alternatives to the Death Penalty, fadp.org
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Tampa, FL 82943
Floridians for Alternatives to the Death Penalty is a coalition of organizations and individuals united to abolish the Death Penalty in Florida.
FADP works to build a strong, diverse, statewide grassroots movement which:
* Opposes executions
* Supports reforms aimed at reducing the application of the Death Penalty until it is abolished
* Protects the humanity of all persons impacted by the Death Penalty
* Educates Floridians about the Death Penalty
* Provides concrete action steps for individuals and groups

BOBBY HINES only wants to LIVE, only to live in that Prison Society. Please, stop Execution!

Circle of Hope – Today, 8:38 AM

In that article You´ll learn that both men were teenager as they did this crime: Bobby Lee Hines & Anthony Cardell Haynes



Dear Sir/Madam 

I do not live in America, and again, time is running short for Bobby Hines, please fwd my appeal for Clemency to your Governor for Bobby Hines, scheduled for execution 24 Oct 2012. Other inmates before him were ‘ready to go’, but Bobby isn’t ready to go, he wants to live. Given his sad and abusive childhood, which will not be difficult to prove with your States records, it only requires time. He had only 19 years in the free world, in which he had no love nor decency of a human being deserves. He deserves Clemency. He only asked to be able to live in that prison society. A hope and plea to live. Thank you. (Its urgent!) Grace ….